The Closed Mind Is An Unteachable Mind — Open Your Mind And Release Your Ambitions

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2013

Do you dream of a more exciting, fulfilling life, do you feel like every day is the same as the next. Beware of a closed mind if you have a closed mind then it is unteachable if you desire a better way of life then you have must Open your mind and release your ambitions and to do this is very simple you need education.

Education will broaden your mind you will discover that success is not just about monetary and material possessions, it can show as having abundance which can take take on many several forms in life and nature.

Your mind is naturally wanting to develop, its desire to grow and become stronger your mind craves education in order to achieve any ambitions you may have, but to do this you need to move forward and the first thing you need to do is release the negativity gain faith in your ability to learn

You may feel like you are being pulled back into your comfort zone, but you need to resolve this and have the will to change ones whole life and accomplish the goals and ambitions you have, having a open mind is very important to the outcome of your success.

If one has a closed mind they will take things at face value and not be concerned for any evidence that would prove otherwise,if evidence was to be presented they will most definitely ignore it.

However with an open mind before making any decision, you would gather up any information right or wrong collect as much data available before reaching a conclusion based only on facts and evidence.

An open mind will allow you to research opportunities and possibilities big or small, before coming to a final decision.

A closed mind is some what stubborn, wanting what the mind sees, but wanting it now and wanting it exactly as the mind sees it, nor is the mind willing to accept a substitute.

With a closed mind being some what stubborn and it now allow you to try new things, so therefore no progress, ambitions will ever have a chance to grow and improve.

The mind is a very powerful tool, the mind can visualize images, the mind can create what the mind sees it can believe, feel and think.

Although the mind is powerful, just simply imagine how you would like your life to be, it does not have the power to make it just materialize, meaning that you have the power to imagine means simply you have the power and are capably to educate yourself to work on and to achieve your goals.

Once you learn to open your mind to success and remove the limiting thoughts and expand your knowledge your attitude and thoughts will change and you will realize your life's direction and it will begin to change.

Focus on the positive things and not the negatives, widen your thoughts and believe in yourself.

Here are a few ways you can achieve positive thought for success:

* Educate yourself with reading inspirational books, start to imaging what sort of life you would like to have, what you would like to achieve.

* Read about successful people, read books outlining how others set out their goals how they may have struggled to achieve these goals, but never quit.

* Take a moment out to reflect on your goals, get comfortable close your eyes and focus, set a clear mental picture in your mind of how you would like your life to be, repeat to yourself and out loud that you can you will achieve it.

* Just as your body needs water and food to survive your brain needs nourishment to its needs positive thoughts when you are going to sleep when you awaken when you at lunch in fact anytime at all, do not allow negative thoughts to come into your mind.

Be strong - stay focused - think of only positive thoughts - stamp on them negative thoughts - open your mind - never entertain fear, take an opportunity, if you fail see it as a learning curve get up brush yourself down and try again.

Every successful person out there failed at sometime along their journey to success, but the one thing they did not do is quit.. they educated their self more so as to overcome any obstacle that would try to bring them down.


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