The Biggest Benefits of Bringing in a Corporate Wellness Program

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


We all know that today with the rise of the Internet and big screen televisions, many of us are spending a lot less time outside or at the gym exercising. It can be easy to be bogged down with work and family commitments and then feel like there is just no time left over to start working out.
But, your health is one thing that has to be taken really seriously. Most jobs now are built for technology. We sit at desks for eight to nine hours a day, ride the elevator up to our second floor office and then drive the few miles home in our cars. That leaves everyone at risk for health issues down the road, and we need to start paying attention now before it gets too late.
To help combat some of these issues that many employees face, a lot of companies are trying to stay ahead of the curve and bring in Wellness Programs. A really high quality wellness program can achieve incredible results for employees both in and out of the office, which of course, trickles down to improvements within the organization as well.
But, there are some programs that are far superior to others, because they don't cater to a one size fits all approach, instead they work with employees to produce pretty amazing results. What separates these programs are three major features: personalized coaching, tracking and results.
What separates a lot of the most successful wellness programs is moving away from the cookie cutter approach and offering personalized Wellness Coaches. These coaches are trained to speak with and understand the struggles of each person on an individual level. Giving employees a way to really be held accountable to someone within the program, all the while getting encouragement along the way.
We know that a properly run wellness program is going to be able to allow employees to see results when it comes to their general health and well being. But, these programs also offer great benefits on the business side of things as well. Beyond allowing an organizations employees to feel better, be healthier and reduce the potential for heart disease or diabetes, wellness programs and wellness coaches can end up saving the organization a lot of money.
You see, those businesses that cover all or a portion of their employees health care costs must pay very high premiums each year. But, once these organizations bring in a high quality wellness program that actually works to get employees healthy, these businesses can see their costs of health insurance premiums drop significantly. Additionally, because the employees are so much healthier, their annual health care claims also end up decreasing, and they call out sick from work far less often, increasing productivity.
It is really easy to see why many smart organizations are hiring high quality health and wellness coaches that can provide impressive results. Once businesses begin to see how the savings in health insurance premiums, and highly healthy and productive employees can benefit them, they are ready to sign up.
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