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Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


When I was at the noisy reunion that I spoke of earlier, I focused on my breath. Even though I was still in a noisy place I could focus on my breath and tune out the noises around me. I found the silence that the noise was created in and stayed there, concentrating on my breath. Even though I could still sense the background noise, I was in a deep place. You can do this too. Wherever you are, you can make it a place to meditate. You don't need everything to be perfect. Just focus on your breath, your prayer word, your mantra.

When your mind's distracted by external noises, instead of thoughts, just get back to your breath. If you're in a very quiet place, your mind can be just as loud as if you were in a noisy crowd. Don't fight that noise, but acknowledge it and go to your breath. Concentrate on breathing in, breathing out, slowly and deeply.

What you will find is that no matter where you are, no matter what circumstances are occurring in your life, you can still meditate each and every day. Remember you can meditate anywhere, anytime; just be present and at peace.

When you are just getting started with meditation, you will find that there are several good places for meditating. Many people find outdoor locations like deserted beaches, or quiet, scenic locations to be great for meditating. The key to finding a good spot is to find a place that is quiet, clean, comfortable and peaceful.

There are many different types of meditation, but if you don't want to be confused by lots of different details and schools of thought, just make it a point to practice mindful meditation. You want your meditative practice to be personal and unique only to you. You can create your own oasis, by selecting soft music that you like, and surrounding yourself with essential oils in your favorite blend. You can also learn to meditate in a hot, fragrant bath surrounded by lit candles.

While you are meditating, you want to make sure that you are breathing deeply from the bottom of your belly. Gradually as you take in deep breaths, you should try to make your mind blank and let your conscious thoughts go where they want. Don't think about them, or worry that they're there or try to figure anything out.

Make sure you choose a meditation area that is free of distraction. That might mean that you have to let others in your household know that you have set aside time for meditation, and that you don't want to be disturbed. One thing you can do to make meditation truly special is to schedule your daily meditation time every day like you would an important meeting, or a much anticipated shopping trip.

It can be helpful if you learn to meditate during the same time every day. For people who find it hard to clear their mind, meditation music is truly essential. Soft, meditative music really helps to clear the mind and prepare it for meditative concentration. You want anything in your musical and physical environment that will make you think of serenity. You can usually find free music that you can use for meditation all over the Internet available for download.

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