The Best Exercise For Your Heart Health

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

You will find that the best exercise for your heart health will involve many of the same things that work for losing excess body fat. This is because the two are so closely tied that being overweight is directly attributed to heart disease. That is not to say that a skinny or muscular person can not have heart problems; just that obesity and heart disease share many of the same root causes.

The type of exercises you should be doing for your heart are ones that both directly train your heart(it is a muscle, after all) and training that promotes good blood flow. This can be accomplished with mix of cardiovascular training and strength training.

The right kind of cardio for your heart is of the intense variety. You should do a mix of running and sprinting. Jogging is not nearly as effective at accomplishing your goals. This is because your body improves itself as a reaction to proper stimulation. Intense exercise provides that stimulation in a powerful way and does so within a short time frame.

If your cardio drags on for too long(over 30 minutes) your results afterwards will start to diminish as your body begins to think less about improvement and more about surviving the present needs being placed on it. This means that it will start to break down past an easily recoverable point and start to eat your muscle tissue as a last ditch energy source.

Training your muscles should be just as intense. Muscle training teaches your body to pump different parts of your body full of blood, improving your overall blood flow in the process. The best kind of strength/size training for this purpose is using weights/exercises that you can do no more than 12 reps with before your muscle can not continue without a break. This is called failure in strength training circles and you should stop just short of actually reaching failure in order to not overtax your body and slow your progress between workouts.

All of this should be supported by a solid nutritional regime and maybe a little bit of supplementation to make sure that things are rounded out. Doing these two types of training on a regular basis will have far greater effects that the sum of both being done on their own. Remember that your body is a series of complex feedback loops and that it is all designed to help you if you can only give it the right kind of stimulation. Again, it helps to use something geared towards weight loss even if you are not in need of any.

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