The Art and Science of Happiness

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Dr. Purushothaman
March 6, 2012

The quest for Self knowledge, Self perfection and self realization/ Self actualization in the Inner most Human nature. From time immemorial, we are in the pursuit of the same.
Let us know that all the Religions and spiritual feelings of the World, all
philosophics, psychology , Science and Technology are aiming at the same, with difference in the methodology of approach.
Can we deny the existence of our Existence?
Our Reality
Our Being
The All pervading Supreme Power
The Almighty behind this phenomenon
No, Never.
All the Religions of the world repeatedly remind and emphasis about the relevance of right, straight and positive thinking in the realization our Reality – Our being.
Understanding the whole spectrum of our Being – our Existence- The Almighty, in relation to our day to day life, aiming at Human perfection, excellence, harmony and Happiness is the vision and mission.

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