The 3 Shocking Signs of a Breaking Relationship

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014

When a relationship is coming to an end, you can usually tell. It's not hard to see when your partner is beginning to act different and showing you signs of a breaking up relationship. If you're reading this article, then you've probably already noticed them. Here are the 3 tell tale signs you should be looking for. Sign #1 If your partner is beginning to pick fights with you for every little thing, its a good sign that he or she is no longer happy in the relationship. If you notice that he or she is more on edge lately and seems to fight with you about small things that should not even be an issue, it's a good sign that the relationship may be coming to an end. Sign #2 Does it seem like your partner criticizes you for everything? Does he or she say hurtful things with no regard to your feelings? If you're being criticized for the way you do normal things like brush your teeth or tie your shoe, you should be ready for a break up in the near future. Sign #3 Does he/she seem less interested in you? If you used to have a very healthy sexual relationship, and now you don't have sex at all, its a good sign that he or she has lost interest. Or maybe you notice that your partner likes to spend more time with his/her friends than with you. This is a sign that the relationship may be ending soon. STOP! Are you about to lose your ex forever? Usually, when we see signs of a breaking up relationship, we panic and make some Devastating Mistakes, such as begging or arguing about the situation. 99% of us make these mistakes and if not corrected, they usually end up ruining any chance of getting back together. Watch the video on to learn exactly how to erase all of these mistakes, keep you from making anymore, and take the first step to getting your ex back. This one simple step takes 5 minutes to complete and will turn you from needy and dependent, to confident and independent in her/his eyes! About the Author author on relationship conflict Article Source:

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