The 3 Keys to Happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Everybody needs to be happy. If this can be true, means are thus few folks extremely happy? Well for one reason most people who aren't happy have turned over the responsibility for his or her happiness to somebody or one thing else. Happiness will never come back to you or you'll never discover it as long as you don't take full responsibility for it.
Over the years I've got spent my entire life making an attempt to work out the way to be happy. I've written books on the subject, I've conducted seminars on the topic and I've got written additional than 250 articles on this seemingly elusive concept for many people.
During the last couple of years I finally decided to embrace one amongst my favourite lines and live it. "Each decision you create and each action you're taking either moves you nearer to or aloof from happiness." What meaning to me is that happiness is not where you are, what you are doing or who you're with however in what direction you are moving.
Assume regarding it, is it possible to be happy 24 hours every day, one year a year. If you've got found out that one you must be writing the books and giving the seminars. No, we have a tendency to do not live in an exceedingly state of constant blissful happiness but we tend to can expertise frequent moments on a daily basis if we have a tendency to perceive what happiness is and the way to achieve it.
There are so many wonderful quotes on the concept of happiness and life, but permit me to share two of my favorites with you.
"In the top, it's the quantity of days in your life however the life you set into your days that matters." Lincoln
"Life isn't measured by the quantity of breaths you take have but the moments that take your breath away." Stephanie Marrott
So what are the 3 things necessary for happiness? Obviously there are a number of additional than 3 but in trying to slim it right down to the three necessities to stay things simple, here are what I believe are necessary for happiness.
-Forgiveness. Forgiveness is not concerning condoning or accepting the acts or behavior of others. It's allowing yourself to live your life to the fullest with passion, joy, adventure, and peace in spite of them.
-Love. The one factor that we have a tendency to all want sooner or later is to like and be loved. I feel that each are necessary. If you are loved unconditionally forever by another, but will not notice it in your heart to like them back in the identical method, one thing can be missing in your life and vice versa.
-Responsibility. You're responsible for the standard of your life. Do not blame a spouse, oldsters, kids, friends, bosses, the government, or the weather. If you are not happy it's up to you to try to to something concerning it. Stop pointing your finger at someone or something else.
That is it, folks. Yes, as I said there are many more traits and concepts that can bring happiness or the lack of it however please bear in mind that there's a difference between happiness and fun, pleasure, enjoyment, and adventure. If you're not happy I am going to doubt that whatever you do can be that a lot of fun. However, if you have a contented disposition irrespective of what you do you may make it fun.


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