Successful Mind Management

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014

The first rule of success is... you do not brag about success.
The second rule of success is... you do not brag about success.
The third rule of success is... you do not follow rules.
You are free to do anything you wish of course but there ARE
setbacks for certain behaviours. Not setbacks issued by human beings but penalties
that are dished out by reality. Let me elaborate on that...
Left completely to chance, poor luck usually outweighs good luck many times
over (Haven't you noticed that?). This is a fact of life. Those who pretend otherwise
will sooner or later be forced to realise the truth by reality.
The purpose of life is to turn those odds in your favour so that your good
luck usually outweighs your poor luck many times over.
Now, a large percentage of your poor luck is created by your actions. Similarly,
a large percentage of your good luck is also created by your actions.
The rest just 'happens'.
To turn the odds in your favour, you should ideally stop doing the things that
create poor luck and start doing the things that create good luck.
These code directives are a set of behaviours that minimise poor luck and maximise good luck to those
who practice them.
They are long term behaviours that all allegedly 'lucky' people practice. Short
term you do not see immediate gains but you always win in the long term. As
time goes by, practising success code directives, you will notice more and more
good luck and less and less poor luck happening to you.
You should follow these directives through thick and thin. You might disagree with some
of them. You might think that I don't know what I'm talking about but you will find out
eventually that I'm right.

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