Success Starts with the Correct Attitude

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

Regardless of where you find yourself or your situation, one of the keys to success is having a can do attitude. Remember when you were in grade school and one of your classmates would say "I can't", what would the teacher respond, inevitably you would hear these words, "can't never did anything!"

Why is it impossible for someone to accomplish something before they have even tried? Because they are defeated before they get started. However, the person who develops a can do attitude can accomplish anything to which they set their mind. Good grades can be earned, the job can be acquired, and the promotion can be achieved. How, through effort, hard work and having the correct attitude when challenges are presented to you, you can and will accomplish what you desire.

Having this can do attitude does not mean that you will not hit obstacles, hurdles or walls but, it will determine how you address them. You will realize that these obstacles are not problems but rather just situations that you have to work through. Many people hit the proverbial brick wall and stand there waiting for to move itself or just go away. When what they should really do is find a way around, over, under or through it.

You would define someone with a can do attitude as a problem solver, an individual who is capable of coming up with solutions when presented with an issue. This ability being a key to achieving success is also a reputation builder for you personally and a very marketable quality in the work place.

In order to develop a can do attitude, you must begin practicing and exercising the effort of solving problems. When you are challenged with a problem, view it as a situation or issue that just requires resolution and you are the person that can handle it! An important fact to remember in this process is that if you cannot resolve the situation on your own; utilize the resources available to you, including your friends, family members or co-workers as well as vendors, suppliers or the internet. It is not important how you achieve the resolution just that you DO!

If you want success you can achieve it! It starts with you and your attitude and being able to say I "can do!"

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