Success in All Areas Begins With One Thing - a Powerful Attitude!

Happy celebrating winning success woman at sunset or sunrise standing elated with arms raised up above her head in celebration of having reached mountain top summit goal during hiking travel trek.

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

The first key to excellence is attitude - and I don't mean everyone else's attitude, I mean yours. Your attitude determines your altitude: by this I mean that how successful you are is determined firstly and fore mostly by how you approach life. Make no doubt that this is a one of the most important keys to success in any and every area of your life. Master your attitude and you have endless possibilities ahead of you. The reverse is also true - if your attitude masters you, life can be a struggle. A bad attitude can have disastrous results, and a great attitude can have miraculous results. Said briefly, attitude is the way you show up in life. It's not always about being positive or negative - life is not that black and white. You may have a good attitude towards your physical wellbeing but an attitude of self-sabotage when it comes to your financial situation; or you may have an excellent relationship but be totally stressed out.

Worse still, you may have an attitude of apathy - one where you can't be bothered about anything, and this is the worst attitude to take. This is where life happens to you - you're not grabbing it by the horns and riding it for all it's worth. Taking a negative attitude in any area of your life is saying "I'm too scared to do this" or "I don't know how I can afford this". This is where you perpetuate your circumstance by acting like a victim. Taking an attitude of apathy is where you take the "whatever" or "I can't be bothered" approach to an area of your life, and this is really dangerous. Now I'm not saying that it is better to have a negative attitude than an apathetic attitude. It's nothing like that at all. I'm just saying that a person with a negative attitude most likely is aware that they have this attitude, but an apathetic person isn't aware - or maybe can't be bothered about being aware! The sad fact of the matter is that more and more people are falling into the apathetic attitude - just look at people complaining about their government not doing enough for them - but how many people will take the effort to get up and vote? In Australia we have compulsory voting, and even then people have an issue with spending ten minutes every few years to stand up and be counted!

Even worse, you may have an apathetic attitude, but then you tend to take a negative attitude towards others who are succeeding! This is commonly known as "Tall Poppy Syndrome" where you wouldn't want people around you to succeed, so you cut them down to size! Now you may not be like this yourself, but I'm sure you know someone who is, right?

Look, what I'm saying is that if you well and truly want your life to work, then you need to master your attitude. If you don't show up in life it will pass you by. Face the fact - one day, you will grow cold, close your eyes and die - it doesn't matter what your attitude is! So if you're not a master of your attitude, it's time to wake up and make life happen for you! Yes, I'm talking to you! Now I know that you're committed to doing that, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this! So congratulations on taking the first step, and now lets see what we can do about kick starting your life. It's never too late to start, and if you want to give up you can at any time. Many people will, and many people already have. You can join their ranks at any time - I promise! The question now is - do you want to? I would suggest that the answer is "no". This being the case, lets get to work.

Success in anything you want for yourself starts with your attitude. Your attitude determines your mindset and your mindset determines your results. This can be a slow process for some so I suggest that patience is necessary. Lack of patience is only a reflection of your lack of confidence, and confidence is determined by your attitude. You may want to start applying this to the area of your life which needs the most work - for some people it may be finances, for others it may be their physical health. I would suggest that when you start, pick the area of your life that you want to go to work on the most, and as you build up momentum and strength, you can then start to pick up the next area of your life, and then the next and so on. Next Generation Success means that all areas of your life are being lived at 100%, not just perfection at one thing. The game is not about perfection, it's about playing everywhere, and all the time!

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