Step Into Your Life Purpose

Dr. Purushothaman
November 27, 2013


Are you living your divine purpose? Are you fulfilling your life mission, that you were destined to fulfill? It's not too late, no matter where you are in life, you can discover and step into your higher purpose, now.

Finding your life's purpose is a necessity to live a happy and fulfilling life. Sometimes your life purpose will find you.

If we lived in a world where everyone was living their highest divine purpose, we would literally have heaven on earth. Everyone's highest purpose involves benefiting the whole. To give you a clue of what your higher purpose may be, I guarantee you that it is something that will benefit humanity, benefit the earth and benefit your soul.

I believe the first step to discovering your life purpose is to be aware that you have one. If you are reading this article, you are probably already there. The next step is to continue to ask the question, that we began this article with, 'What is my divine purpose?'. When you continue to ask your higher power a question, the answer will appear. It's your job to be aware, when the answer does appear.

Your highest purpose is what you were born to do, so it will be something that you are naturally good at and naturally interested in. You may notice that I used the word 'naturally' before all of those qualities. What you were 'naturally' born to do is your divine purpose. Many people stray from their higher purpose because they are living their life trying to please others, based on what others say they 'should' be doing. To find your highest purpose, you must erase all 'shoulds' from your life. Replace those 'shoulds' with 'want' or 'feel'. Instead of "I should be do....", replace that with "I want to..." or "I feel like doing....". If it does not harm or take away from another person, the earth or yourself, go for it!

Let's explore your highest purpose. We now know that whatever your purpose is, it will benefit humanity, the earth and your spirit. Now let us look at your natural skills, interests and passions.

I would encourage you to grab a pen and pad of paper, get quiet, close your eyes and take some deep breathes and start to imagine what your greatest skills, interest and passions are. Imagine the things that you absolutely love to do. Imagine the activities that cause you to have a feeling of timelessness. Now write down everything that comes to mind, don't analyze your answers, just write as soon as you feel or think of these skills, interests and passions.

Now write down the answer to this question, in as great of detail as possible; If you had unlimited money and time, what would you be doing, how would you spend your time?

Within everything you wrote down is your life purpose. At this moment your mind may be getting loud about all of the reasons and excuses of why you cannot do these activities to make a living. The Universe will support you completely when you are living your life purpose, however you must have faith.

Now I'm not saying run out and quit your job to begin doing these things full time. Or maybe I am saying that. Having faith that you can live your purpose and the Universe will support you is key. For most of you I would recommend staying at your job, for now, and find ways to do these activities more often in your life. When you are clear that you have discovered your purpose and you have faith that you are able and deserve to live that purpose, there will come a time when you may need to take a bold leap of faith. When you jump, the net will appear.

Many people think that their purpose has to be some big fancy thing. That is ego, not spirit. Your purpose can be anything. Your purpose may be to be a janitor, a garbage man, a sales person, an artist, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a daycare provider, a stay at home Mom/Dad, or any other opportunity that is available. As long as you are providing a service that benefits the whole and you are happy doing it, that's all that matters. Don't let society's views and opinions of what is important limit you. Your higher self knows your highest purpose. Ask your higher power for inner guidance and clarity on what your highest purpose is, then pay attention to the quiet whispers in your mind, the guiding feelings in your gut and the external signs and symbols that are being sent your way.

Most importantly recognize that you were born here to be of service to the whole by living your highest purpose. You are destined for greatness and you deserve to be happy. And every single living person, animal, plant and organism needs you to step into your greatness and live your divine purpose.

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