Spotting The Signs Of Emotional Infidelity

Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2014


Emotional infidelity can be as traumatic as physical infidelity. There are times when the excruciating pain simply outweigh the pain that one faces after knowing that his or her partner has shared body parts with someone else. It is because of this reason that emotional cheating is often referred to as an inhuman crime. There are several signs of emotional cheating. Spotting those signs early can help to revive an the relationship which is about to be shattered. The different signs that can be spotted are mentioned below:
- The first sign that comes to the forefront is the willingness of a person to spend more and more time away from the existing partner and spending majority of the time over the phone. While on phone, the person will appear to be more happy than before. This is an obvious sign of emotional cheating because the faithful person will find that his or her partner is not really present mentally. It becomes more like living a parallel life where to people stay together but they just don't live together.
- Intimate conversations over the phone can be overheard or extremely intimate chats with a friend can just be disclosed. This will blow away the faithful person who trusted the cheating person completely! On top of that, if this intimacy with a person of same sex, things can become more weird!
- Little to no sex can be just another sign. One of the partners involved in emotional attachment with someone else will always complain of being tired or busy to be able to have physical contact with the partner. This shows that the cheating or the unfaithful person is swaying away towards a new sanctuary.
- The cheating partner will suddenly become hypercritical about the appearance of the other. This actually means that he or she is simply looking for ways which can help him or her to move out of the relationship and arguing about appearance can just be one of the many methods!
- The cheating partner simply becomes defensive or tries to hide something when he or she is questioned about the change in behavior. This is an obvious sign that there is someone else in his or her life and that he or she is no longer interested in sharing everything with the current partner.
- The cheating partner will spend unusually long hours over the phone or on the computer and just in order to make sure that no one gets through to the details of what he or she has been doing will leave the computer or the phone locked with a password.
- The partner involved in emotional infidelity will pick up fights over issues which are petty and had never been a matter of concern before and he or she also loses interest in the other person as well as the family.
These are the obvious signs of emotional infidelity and the sooner you pick them up, the better it is because you can at least try to put back things on track before it is too late!

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