Spirituality - Discover Your Road to Happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


What is Spirituality? Spirituality can be considered as an inner highway, and this leads only to one place, your permanent and everlasting happiness. As happiness is our real and natural state, spirituality also acts as the transport as well as the highway there.
Why Men are Not Spiritual
The call of the senses, the misplaced use of desire, and lure of the material life all call men away from spirituality.
This is why the ancients believed the world belonged to the devil, and the real life and paradise, belonged to God.
The devil, or non-spirituality, wished to entrap men in the material world, while spirituality leads man to his true nature, and happiness.
The material life does not lead to happiness. In all men's lives the material leads to old age, sickness, and death.
The spiritual life leads to eternal youth, permanent well-being and eternity. However, the material life masks this, and gives one the impression that:
* There is only one life, so eat, drink and be merry
* There is no spiritual life
* Men are simple biological creations
* The pursuit of happiness lies in money, power and wish fulfillment
With the material presenting such an array of life's qualities, one is tempted to turn their back on spirituality.
However, the material life betrays itself with disease, decreasing enjoyment of material objects and external stimulation, and finally the specter of death.
A thinking man, once considering the limitations and qualities of material life may (and often) turns to something better. This is the first recognition of spirituality.
The Call of Eternity
Sometimes all it takes is looking at the stars, understanding the impossibility of life without an intelligent creator, or some inspiring life of a saint, and a man considers the spiritual.
Having done so, the road to spirituality opens. Inspiration is at every step, and the roads are many, but like of old where all roads lead to Rome, all spiritual roads lead to the eternal and true nature of man.
It is curious to see the attitude of the modern physicists, who ponder the nature of the universe. Their theories and postulations are all indicating intelligent creation, and a life everlasting. Even science is centering on spirituality.
Spirituality is indeed like a road, and walking this road leads you to the goal. There are no guarantees the road will be easy or strewn with roses.
Rather, it seems the road is razor thin, strewn with obstacles, tests, and detours. The material temptations appear everywhere, and even the greatest of saints were tempted at the final moments of their quests.
The Buddha was tempted while in the final meditation under the Bodhi Tree. Christ was tempted in the desert. If you travel the spiritual road, you too will be tempted. The temptation of the material is sweet, heartrending, and you may find if you give into it, corrupt and full of lies.
Consider the creation, only this and you are already on the spiritual path.
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