Spirituality And Practice In Today's World

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014

Spiritually is the aspect that pulls us above the ordinary things of the world and focuses our gaze on the most essential, long lasting things of God. Being aware of genuine spirituality and practice will mean understanding the cohesion between mind and spirit and joining together the truth of a spiritual life with a seemingly meaningless worldly existence. There are plenty of spiritual practices just as there are lots of faith traditions. What are the issues that make you recognize that a spiritual practice is genuine?
Each spirituality is evaluated by its potential to lift the mind to God or a higher power and also to edify human relations. Deepening an individual's faith in God is one of the crucial aspects in the journey through this existence. Spiritual activities are intended to expand the awareness of the ever presence of a loving God amidst the vicissitudes of life. The belief that God is benevolent and loving and is in the center of our own lives must be the sterling force behind virtually every spirituality and practice.
The issue is to comprehend how spirituality can be authentic. What separates solid and genuine spirituality from just piety? It's the mindset with which it's lived as well as the fruits it produces in the soul. It isn't the amount of pious devotions and prayers that you say every day that brings you closer to God but the way they have an impact on how you live with your fellow brothers and sisters. Consequently, genuine spirituality is that spirituality that leads to action. The perfect example might be the spiritual practices of Saint Ignatius of Loyola that propels the practitioner to go from contemplation to action.
Genuine spirituality is what produces fruits. The most crucial of these is love. Understanding that God is love and also that He lets both good and wicked men live means that there's no bias in Him. No one will be able to consider God in all honesty and foster thoughts of greed, violence and evil towards other people. Authentic spirituality leads to mature love - the love that has room for other people and opens hands to accept every one of God's creatures. This is the spirituality of communion. It disposes the soul to become much more understanding towards others. It can not agree with the beliefs and philosophies that other individuals hold without the need of excluding them.
Yet another aspect of genuine spirituality is the inclination to look for the good in others. An individual who has become closer to God by means of meditation and prayer will additionally share the same hunger as God, the hunger to make a better world. By stepping into the spiritual domain, he or she shares the same creative gift of God and tries to cultivate values that make it possible for the world to be a much better place.
Any person searching for meaning in life will definitely open up his heart to the power and light that flows from a genuine spirituality and practice. In this world filled with evil and pain, there's only one thing that can enlighten the human mind, it's the light which comes from their contact with the Divine. It's realizing that we cannot achieve inner freedom and peace of mind except in the will of Him who holds all things in being.
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