Spirituality and Astronomy How Can They Meet

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


When we think of Astronomy, we think of a science and something we can measure, using telescopes and expensive equipment. When we think of spirituality we think of something abstract and the only way can measure our understanding is to talk about it. The question I want to look at is if they ever meet and where.
Today most of our understanding of the cosmos comes from and through massive telescopes. Radio and optical telescope capture the information we need and computers interpret this information so that we can come to conclusions. We also have satellites we use to gather information and especially in studying our own solar system.
The word spirituality is for many people nothing more than jargon. They use the word to describe their own thought level yet hardly touch a spiritual thought or moment. Obviously this remark is subjective since knowing the thoughts of a person is impossible or is it? Today we can analyze the thoughts of a person and we can actually predict where in the brain such a thought would register. While we cannot measure the exact thought, and in this case spiritual thoughts, we can measure the effect. However, to say if somewhat think on a spiritual level is not the idea of the article
Do these two different fields meet somewhere?
My answer is yes they do. In many places and the reason is this. To be a spiritual person you have to levitate your thoughts so that you think of more things than the daily things such as eat, drink and sleep. You start to think of god, creation and life after death, The moment you do this your thoughts will create a picture and this picture is of you or God but more important it will also involve a place. The reason is obvious that since you leave this world when you die, you must obviously go on to somewhere else. And this somewhere can only be inside the universe.
And this is where astronomy meets the spiritual person. The astronomer works with numbers and formulas but at one point, he needs to wonder where everything goes. The Big Bang theory and point in history is this place. Here the mathematics and science of the Astronomer and the Spiritual ideas of the Spiritualist meet up at the arrow point. Where is this place and what happened before this?
Both subjects hit a wall and while the one tries to formulize this using numbers, the other tries to make sense of this through reasoning.
Astronomy and Spirituality appear to be different subjects and yet they both strive to find answers in the same arena, that of the universe around us. We have a big playground but through mental reasoning we can quickly come to a wall both of us do not fully understand and will never do. The Big Bang moment of creation and the time before that, if there was. I have an idea that this is the perfect place to bring in faith, but faith in what?

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