Spiritual Wellness - Mediation and Prayer Creates a Healthy

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014

Spiritual wellness is an integral part of a balanced life and it's one of the 7 aspects of wellness. This spiritual plan involves meditation and prayer. Spiritual wellness is a firm foundation to take a healthy helpful action. The key of having healthy life is through a holistic approach of wellness. When you experience feelings like fear, disappointment or that of joy, pleasure etc at times makes you feel that you're becoming spiritual well, when these actions become more consistent with your beliefs and value.
Tips that can be applied to change your daily life:
Spend five minutes for spiritual wellness:
• Meditation is connected to the body, mind and soul to create emotional balance for the overall well being. Meditating for five minutes will make your mind clear and also you tend to stay relaxed. Just 5 minutes of breathing deeply will help you evade all the negative energy and will also help you in seeing the world in a whole new perspective. Meditation reduces stress, depression, panic, difficulty in sleeping and so on. It also gives a solution to all your problems. The highest state of consciousness can be received through meditation.
• Another spiritual practice is prayer. Prayer makes the body feel healthy also improves your faith. Prayer is a highest power to meditate on your belief, in which your mind would feel that you're not alone. Prayer is the only way one could think off to solve any kind of problem since there is a strong vibe that god is listening to your prayers but here faith plays a very important role.
• Reading of spiritual message for few minutes will help you to strength that connection.
The ideal structure in a potently suggestive statement is an affirmation. Affirmations Coach helps us to reach new levels of awareness and happiness and it not only gives you happiness but also changes your mood, mind and health.
Certain people play the role of a spiritual guide who develops skill in the truth of god. They are able to receive messages from angels. Through heavenly guide and studies, they use different techniques and tools. One of the spiritual guides says the following quote" Angels spiritual functions helps us in realizing your hopes and dreams". If you're graced with good fortune or love you can receive the blessings which help you to live in harmony.
Most of them even give Intuitive angel card guidance. Through angel card you're seeking spiritual guidance especially to solve your everyday problems. Through intuitive angel card guidance there are even ways to increase your financial abundance so one can avail this service by subscribing to many free websites that are exclusively made for daily angel guidance.
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Kristina Angelgate is an Affirmations Coach, Spiritual Entertainer in Austin Texas. She is available for Psychic Private readings in Austin Texas.

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