Spiritual Truth Is Not For Sale

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Spiritual Truth is not something that you have to meet some type of qualification or condition. One has to realize that truth is not for sale. Truth is in and of itself does not come to you for a cost. No one has exclusivity on the spiritual truth of life.
In our search to grow spiritually we encounter many fictionalized stories and beliefs that are being passed off as truth. Real spiritual teachers will move you to better understanding of spiritual principles that will free you not bind you.
If a prophet says to you, I have great news or I can help you find what you are searching for, but it will cost you so much money, run the other way. All spiritual secrets are never veiled. There is no need to prove or disprove a spiritual truth as it stand on its own, it is transparent.
Let us take an example of manifesting miracles. That which is miraculous is not bounded by some sort of mystical chanting or ritualistic acts. Miracles happen every day. When the universal conditions are in alignment, when an intention and devotion is strong enough, then it triggers the potential to bring about the actualization for that individual.
When people are healed it is only due to their faith and belief that the healing can occur. Those who dispense healing may in fact trigger a deeper devotion or belief in that person, but unless the spirit is moved no healing can occur. Most blessings, miracles or favor is based on faith and being in a receptive state for the blessing to occur. Notice I said you must be in a receptive state you can not purchase favor or blessings through artificial means.
There are many charlatans out there that would lead you to believe that they have some mystical power. Of course they have what I call programming abilities in that there is a recurring theme almost like a chant. They repeat these themes over and over again to indoctrinate or brainwash you into believing that they have some sort of power.
When Indoctrination and training comes into the picture one has to be aware of where it is taking you. Remember people one time believed that the earth was flat also that we were the center of the universe and everything revolved around us. People can be 100% wrong, that's why awareness is a key to following any spiritual teacher or prophet.
Remember that catchy titles such as the secrets of the masters, secret chants of success, secrets to great wealth, are merely marketing ploys to separate you from your money. If these people knew that secret then why would they even be selling it? They should be giving it away. Of course the argument would be that how would they make a living? Spiritual Truth does not need to be sold or defended. It is given freely without any strings attached.
What seems to be really popular is sowing seeds. They have taken the biblical parable of The Sower and converted it to a financial transaction. Funny, that parable did not address money. Further on in the bible verses it is explained as receiving the Word and keeping it in your heart no matter what. By keeping in your heart that which is written, you will bear fruit.
You can not buy your way in, nor will a true spiritual prophet or spiritual teacher ever tell you to give large sums of money into their ministry so that you can be blessed. It is not that the ministry doesn't have needs, they most likely do. Yet, sometimes I am troubled about the transparency of that ministry. What bothers me more is that this truth is being used as a buy now into favor and blessings.
I find that most people around the world are extremely generous by nature. Billions of dollars are sent to people that are suffering through the ministries every year.
The intention is to help others not as fortunate than you. If the intention is to get something back, that is not going to trigger anything, since faith and devotion may not be present. One then may be acting out of greed or some entitlement that is artificial and not really coming from the spirit of giving.
When the appeal comes to giving all you have to some ministry for the benefit that you will receive that is simply appealing to your faith or greed. That is the choice that is presented you. Again you have to watch the recurring themes.
If you have faith, you don't have to defend it or persuade anyone that you have it. Right or wrong spiritual truth just is. It does not have to be purchased, it is given freely and it does not bind you to contractual agreements. Let others have there own opinions if your faith is strong it will hold.
Spiritual truth is found within, not outside of oneself. The ego is the only thing that seeks the truth from other forms or functions outside oneself. One has to find ways to discern the ego from their own spirit.
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