Spiritual Quantum Physics Your Mind is Your World

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


The Age of Aquarius has given us the Spiritual Laws of Quantum Physics. These Laws are guidelines that man is to use to direct and create his life for the next 2000 years. It is the Age of the Mind.
Pay heed to them and you will be as safe as in God's little pocket. Ignore them and invite chaos into your life. If you don't use your mind you will be trapped by of someone else's mind.
Your world is your mind. Your world is not all the physical objects you see around you. They are merely the outward appearances of what you hold in your mind. If you do not like what you have collected around you, then take charge of your mind and change it.
We are all individual souls who have 'blinked out' of the Mind of God. We are actually little pieces of God's Mind. Mind is the only human reality. There is no other.
Another way to express this is to say we are brain cells in the Mind of God. Man is a specialized brain cell through which the Mind of God expresses its consciousness. The only true purpose of mankind is the evolution of consciousness.
To have a conscious experience while on the physical plane means to be vividly aware of life as it is happening as contrasted with dreaming about it after it has happened.
To say it succinctly, conscious life can only be experienced in the NOW!
WE must wake up from the hypnosis that materialism has cast over us. Too many impressions, too many inputs; too many distractions, too many noises entering of our minds.
We need to practice direct mental experiences without outside interferences. Direct mental experience is a state in which the vivid awareness of living through an event is coupled with a direct "intuitive' understanding of the inner meaning of the event.
This means, if you can quiet your mind (be still and know that you are God!) long enough, you will know why you attracted this event into your life, what meaning it has for you and what action you should take.
Shut off the TV, the constant inane chattering of the day, stay away from the mental bombardment of the malls. Throw away the cell phone.
Since your world is your mind try to clean it up. Get the garbage out of it. Why? Because your mind attracts the people, places and events that make up your physical reality.
It is your mental experiences (not your physical ones) plus your intuition that are the twin pillars upon which the structure of your thoughts rest.
Think better thoughts. Pay closer attention to the events in your life. Don't just accept them. Question them. Study them. Listen to your intuition, your quiet inner voice.
This is the Age of the Mind. Learn to use it correctly.

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