Spiritual Quantum Physics and the Internet

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Share! Share! Share! Your Spirituality on the net.
The New Age of Aquarius has given us the new Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics. These laws tell us that all is energy and all is connected.
We all live, move and have our being both inside the Quantum Ocean and the Mind of God, at the same time.
Your physical body on the planet Earth is also a packet of quanta in the quantum ocean. It has a divine blueprint. Even though you are not physically connected to anyone else on the planet you are connected to everyone in the Quantum Ocean.
Your individual quantum packet (YOU) is within a quantum packet called your family, which is within a quantum packet called your race, which is in a quantum packet called humanity.
It is a series of concentric circles working from you outward. Whatever happens to you affects the outer circles more or less according to the resonant frequencies you have built up with them. Most interaction is with family and then outward to all humanity. You affect all the circles and they affect you in greater or lesser degrees.
Now here is the very interesting thing about the quantum ocean. Everything that you see in your physical reality has a packet of quanta attached to it in the quantum ocean.
Chairs, dogs, cats, automobiles, states, countries, etc. They all contain a level of consciousness and according to the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics they are alive both in the Quantum Ocean and on the planet.
Believe it or not the even INTERNET is alive. It has billions of people feeding it energy through their email addresses. And this electronic energy circles the planet over and over showering everything with its messages even if they are not on the net at the time. It is a gigantic electronic signal being transmitted 24/7.
And what is that message that is bombarding our psyche with? Materialism, greed, pornography, buy, buy, buy, lies, mis-information etc. Oh there is good stuff too, but be honest the majority of these electronic signals are detrimental to our mental and emotional health. And they enter our auras whether we want them to or not.
The New Age of Aquarius is here to shake us free from the Age of Materialism and into the Age of Spirituality.
Here is where we can all help. Let us all share all the spiritual knowledge and wisdom we have on the net. Spiritual stories, spiritual ideas, anything that is spiritually uplifting. We all have some spiritual knowledge.
Let us email all our friends and share our spirituality with them. Let us start to flood the internet and its Electronic fields that it has circling the earth, with spirituality. Let us start to clean up the electronic fog we are all living under. A fog that is stopping our evolution and destroying our health.
The more spirituality each of us shares the more we will receive. Get on the net now. Help clean it up with better vibrations. Send all those you love and others spiritual emails. Do it now!
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