Spiritual Healing Treatment

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Nature in its pure form is rather rare. Nature transforms and so do human mind, body and soul. The beauty of nature lies in its simplicity. In our hectic life, we complicate life to the extreme. Thus, we distance ourselves from nature and spirituality, leading to a complicated and discontent life. If you pause for a second and wonder where you are and where you are heading to, you will realize your mind is engulfed by a mad race to reach a destiny, but it eludes us from basic pleasures of life like good health. Natural Healing is healing us by alternative medicines, made from natural ingredients and Spiritual healing cures with faith.
Spiritual healing and natural healing balances our mind, body and soul. It calls for a change in our lifestyle and your eating habits.
Natural healing treatments
Natural healing treatments rely on herbs and spices. Ayurveda is a system of medicine that concentrates on healing through natural herbs and oils. It is an ultimate guide to Natural Healing. It is a science of life and a healing system originated from India. Natural healing therapies encourage us to heal through these herbs and plants.
Natural healing remedies
•Ayurvedic treatment
•Self-healing techniques
•Therapeutic Baths
•Music Therapy
Spiritual healing
The search for the perfect remedy for ages has been a subject of research for humans. Ironically, spiritual healing believes that the remedy lies within us. Spiritual natural healing is the overall growth of human being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is a way to get closer to God who resides within you. It is not the search of God dwelling outside you, but is about the search within you. You need a facilitator for this who is the 'healer' and he is the one who removes all the blocks from your journey within. You grow tremendously and get closer to God when you experience spiritual healing. Spiritual healing treatment is based on the axiom of faith. Spiritual commitment gives us:
•Peace of mind,
•The capacity to receive and give unconditional love, by surrendering your pride and having faith in the God within you
Spiritual natural treatment gives self-confidence since it gives us an assurance that you can turn to it in difficult times. Peace of mind comes with the shedding of anxiety. You can shed your anxiety when you learn to let and go and turn to God by surrendering your pride.
Spiritual healing boosts your self- confidence, as you trust that God created you and he cares. Your self-perception changes and it makes you feel valued. The spirit of God and faith in him is that he loves you unconditionally. He is compassionate without being judgmental.
The combination of natural and spiritual healing is a cure to many diseases. In addition, to curing diseases it prevents diseases too. Spiritual and Natural Healing cures ailments in a holistic manner, touching all aspects, physical, mental and spiritual.

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