Spiritual Healing And Nutrition For Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


What is the relationship between spiritual healing and the foods that we consume? We have tried various diets to improve our lives and none seem to work. We have become a sick society in so many aspects. Let us see, if we can be healed physically, mentally and spiritually.
Most of us have heard the phrase, physician, heal thyself. Therefore, I would like to address such a statement and see if there is any truth to it at all. Let us have no fear in discussing one of the things that most leaders will forever avoid going into. That is, food. If any one wants to have or keep followers, they always avoid any kind of discussion pertaining to either food or sex. When spiritual leaders, politicians and educators speak about sex or food, they are treading a subject that is avoided in our society.
Where do we begin on such an endeavor about spiritual healing and the things we eat? We see that our daily life is one of constant eating and drinking whatever comes to mind. I am asking, is it necessary for us to look into the meaning of consumption? And, looking at the state we are in health wise, we can see it is necessary to look into why we eat the way that we do. Food and eating has led us into many problems that seem to have no ending and no cure. Neither, are we interested in any extremes of asceticism as all that leads to distortion and corruption.
As human beings, we have a certain love for food. But, the fact is, our bodies are overweight, sick, and devoid of energy. So, what can we do to change the debilitating state we are in? What can we actually do to change all this?
Clearly, no outward or inward thing can cure or heal humanity. That has been tried and failed. No particular food, medicine, or herb heals the body or mind, holistically. To heal means that the living energy of life beyond the body is in one accord with ones being. To be healthy is to be whole. Surely, it is being in spiritual harmony and wholeness with nature that heals. Therefore, we must remove all unnatural, dead foods from our diet. It is living, natural foods that complements the affinity of spiritual energy necessary for developing a healthy body free of disease.
Then we must ask; what is disease? Is disease an imbalance, a damnation or blockage in the mind and the body that prevents the union of being healthy? Like the sun being blotted out by a dark cloud, health is denied when we obstruct ourselves from the living light through lack of seeing, overeating, and thoughtless food choices. Because of a lack of clarity, we cease to focus on proper nutrition as well as knowing to drink clean water, take in fresh air, exercise, and soak in plenty of sunlight.
We must learn to focus on holistic living, not disease. Let us take care of our body as best we can. As human beings, we are eating what we have been programmed to eat. Because of our lack of attention, we are not in harmony with nature. We are living on artificial foods and therefore we have become artificial.
When we are diseased, the medical field with its chemical medicines is concerned with suppressing symptoms and not bringing about cures. If they were to cure us, then we would not need them after we were cured. Therefore, it is highly profitable for the hospitals and pharmaceutical companies that we remain ill and unhealthy. It is rather simple to understand that if someones livelihood depends on us being sick, then being healed is not their real concern cause that would destroy their greedy accumulation of money and power.
When at once we are aware that our own eating habits can contribute to our sickness, through correcting such a thing will surely open the door to making us well. It is here in ones consciousness that habit is formed. First, it is a desire and afterwards it is an expression that is manifested and the action of thought through time causes it to be performed in a state of unawareness. Through constant repetition, habits and the movement of addictions are formed consciously and then we fall asleep as those thoughts and actions become unconscious. Habits are healed by freeing the mind of distorted thoughts that keeps them going.
So, to change is to realize that nutrition is the process of taking in energy in the form of food to support life. Many common health problems can be prevented with a healthy diet born of wisdom. Instead, we eat the foods of pleasure that are not nutritious. Therefore, the truth is, our body is what we eat. The thing is, we start eating such awful foods and get lost in them. Which means, at first we eat the unhealthy food. Then that unhealthy food craves itself. From then on, that particular kind of food consumes us, continuously. We must explore into this so that we may find a lifestyle that is not destructive to our well-being.
The body that has been eating, drinking all kinds of unhealthy foods, is now dictating, out of habits and cravings, what it wants. Moreover, what it wants as all disease wants, is the continuity and spreading of the same old thing. Instead of the mind leading the body, the body is now leading the mind. Is this the movement of intelligence or an act of ignorance?
The vehicle of the body is something that one is utilizing; therefore, it has no meaning of putting the cart before the horse. Through the pleasure of food, we let the body dictate our lives. Surely, this is part of the absurdity that we have been living so far, which has placed us into this degradation. Through repetition of habit such as overeating, over indulgence and so on, we are slaves to the body’s addictive ways.
So, we are asking, how did the body gain such power to influence the mind and therefore led it astray into unhealthy eating? Are we saying that through stimulation of tasty foods that are emotionally satisfying, we lost all interest in the necessity and purpose of eating? Through lack of education and awareness, we failed to see the destruction of our ways. Our physiology is dictating and controlling our psychological state in which we have become unhealthy because of miseducation. This brings us to the importance of what is spiritual meditation, which awakens us to every aspect of holistic living.
To cure a disease completely, is to know how it was created and to know its origin. Are germs, bacteria, and viruses, the actual cause of disease? The whole medical field takes this stand but we must question everything if we are going to discover the truth. After all, they seem to have no interest in healing, only diagnosing and treating. So, we must ask the deeper questions, nonetheless. We must ask the fundamental questions ourselves. Can we prevent this whole business of getting sick? Can the body regenerate? These are the questions we must ask ourselves and see can we find the answers. We can no longer rely on those who proclaim to know. Especially, those who have been doing endless amounts of research and producing no results.
Why should we be concerned with what any one has said about nutrition? Why should we be concerned with what the medical doctors of ancient or modern times have to say? They all could be wrong. They may have some significance but let us question everything to find out the truth for ourselves. Therefore, it is up to us to discover the truth of what is going on with our physical form and mental well-being. We must reject all that the nutritionists, doctors, and religions have taught us about living and health. Obviously, they are lost. That is apparent by observing the things they eat and the world they have produced.
Because we identify ourselves with the body, there is the fear of disease, old age and of course death. Seeing all this, we ask, what is disease that sets into our flesh? That depends on whom you ask. Definitively, disease can be thought of as an inequity and lack of being at ease. So, what is the cause of disease? A cause must be consistent and specific or we must question if it can be called a cause. Does the cause come from within the mind and then manifest an outer effect called a disease? To understand this is to see that ultimately, the mind is the cause and the creator and the dis-ease that manifests in the physical form as disease.
Therefore, when we look into the heart of the matter, we can realize that above all it is our spiritual nature that cleanse and heals us. Intelligently, we can facilitate this process when we cease consuming foods that produce blockages and imbalances within us that leaves us vulnerable. Natural care and diet is the most vital aspect of opening up to the healing within, which brings about vitality. If we profess that prevention is greater than cure, why we do not exercise, eat, and take sufficient rest instead of living such sedentary lives? We are not aware of what we are doing and that our own mind is the cause of our degradation. If we are sincere, then, let us not be interested in any momentary remedy or the mere suppression of symptoms. Let us now be opened to the total regeneration of our whole being, which comes through our understanding in spiritual awakening.
The purification of ourselves on every level, physically, mentally and spiritually is the open door of healing. Nature demonstrates the opening of ourselves for spiritual healing through fasting, which is the abstaining from food for a while. In addition, of course, to rest in deep sleep and to be watchful in spiritual meditation. Therefore, it is rather simple to understand that healing is the transmission of living energy and the insight of seeing that our own mind is the culprit. Spiritually, we see that it is truth that sets us free regardless of any form of medicine or herbal remedy.
Now, we discover that, the lack of health is the calamity of our failure to listen to nature and take care of ourselves in union with life and not against it. Clearly, it is up to each of us to take responsibility in the spiritual transformation of our daily lives to bring about a healthy human being that is in harmony with nature. In this realization, we may live in the pure ecstasy of love, beauty, and eternal happiness.
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Adonis Alexander is a spiritual teacher and Author.

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