Spiritual food

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Spiritual food is a must for every Christian. Most of us know the story of Jesus Christ. Immediately, after Jesus got baptized, he went on a mountain and fasted for 40 days and 40 nights.
It is very obvious that he would be hungry as well as weak. The Satan took advantage of His weakness and tempted Jesus. Then, the Satan told Jesus, If you are the Son of God, you can change stones into loaves of bread. For this, Jesus answered, No! The word of God says Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.
Jesus did not budge. Regardless of the fact that Jesus was hungry, he declined to give way to the Devil's trick. The devil tried other plans to get Jesus to bow down to him. However, nothing worked in his favor. This clarifies that the spiritual food for Christians is nothing more than the word of God. Every response of Jesus contains the word of God.
The three basic spiritual foods for Christians to live a healthy life are:
Word of God
There has to be a balance in all these three spiritual foods. If we lack any of these spiritual foods, the Satan will take a chance and that is going to be tough. For instance, in a married life or in any relationship, love, trust and understanding are equally needed. Deficiency in any one will affect or may even ruin the relationship. Satan will try to imbalance us or he may even not allow us to be strong through the Spiritual foods such as the Word or Fellowship. In fellowship, he will make us busy into Church activities and give less time to God. In this way, he will try to defeat us and be away from the Word of God. Among all the Spiritual foods, Prayer is the strongest weapon, we Christians have because the Devil is scared of those men and women who go down on their knees and pray. Prayer is a powerful tool and the best spiritual tool God has gifted to us. Most people often neglect this truth or don't know that, Satan is a good preacher, and he himself preaches Jesus. As mentioned above, when Jesus was fasting for 40 days, he put Jesus into temptation through the Word of God.
As Christians, we have to be powerful, both physically and mentally. A Christians life is endangered daily by those who are against the faith.
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