Spiritual Dance – Heal Your Soul

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


A Spiritual dance makes the body and soul one. Practiced across all cultures this dance form may differ from country to country and across religions, but its aim is one that is to heal oneself and become one with the spirit. This dance is also known to balance the 7 chakras of the body and revitalize them.
Some examples of different spiritual dance forms across cultures are the Sun dance among North American Indians, whirling among the Mevlevi and Jerahi Islamic sects, Hadra used by the Sufis, Zar by Egyptians, Ethiopians, Tunisians, Kirtan and Lalitha Marmika an ancient Indian classical dance to reach higher levels of self realization and many others.
The benefits of dance spiritual are plenty. This dance form is especially useful for today's stressful environment as a stress reliever. Benefits of this dance form are:
• Helps deal with depression and confusions - Spiritual dance connects a person with powers greater than himself thus helping in dealing with depression. It gives a one an idea of oneself and shows them the right direction for their well being.
• Harmonizes the body chakras - The 7 chakras corresponding to different areas of the body need to be in harmony for complete relaxation of the body and mind. These are the crown chakra, the third eye chakra, the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the sacral chakra and the root chakra. Chakra dance a form of dance spiritual is a way to bring a balance to these chakras and add energy to your body.
• Builds self confidence - As spiritual dance lets you experience complete self awareness, it is a natural way to build self confidence. Besides this you also develop an inner grace when you follow the rhythm of the dance and develop a sense of balance within yourself.
• Physical well being - As spiritual dance involves the movement of the entire body, it also becomes a form of exercise helping you to keep fit. A strenuous workout of spiritual dance is a good way of losing all those extra calories while you discover inner yourself.
• Removes mental troubles and makes the mind carefree. It helps one ease suicidal tendencies and aids in dealing with the complexities of the modern world.
• A way of meditation - Dance Spiritual is a good way to prepare yourself for meditation. When done collectively the dance also generates positive vibrations through rhythmic movement.
The spiritual dance form you adopt to may depend on either your culture or choice. It is best to go for a dance form you identify with for convenience. For the adventurous however, new spiritual dance forms are equally beneficial as you not only get to learn something new but also distress yourself at the same time. Whatever be your way of spiritual dance, it synchronizes parts of the body and mind. Done either alone or collectively this dance form is a powerful source of garnering energy and a way of alleviating your physical and mental stress. It also makes you feel one with your creator and lets you bow down to prayer more readily. The perfect way to relax during unpredictable times today.
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