Sound Frequencies And Power Of Mind

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


The might of the human mind is something that thrills the whole world still today. So much as been found out about it but we still have to know so much. The eighties saw so many anti drug slogans and commercials and some were pretty interesting. One such slogan which said 'The mind is a terrible thing to waste' mainly wanted to touch the hearts of those who suffered from drug addiction. However in present times the idea behind the slogan still finds a place.
The power of the mind is in fact the most powerful thing in the Universe and you can utilize your own mind power to create the life you want.
The subconscious mind has unbelievable power hidden within it. If you've had the opportunity to watch, 'The Secret' you realized the potential and possibly used it to your advantage. This uses the idea of the 'power of mind'.
The idea behind this is to let everyone know you can create events in your life simply by thinking about them subconsciously. Since there is a positive and negative side to this, you just need to train your subconscious to believe in the positive.
Scientific theories also help in manifesting this viewpoint. Medical science calls this phenomenon as 'Placebo effect'. 'Mind over matter' is an old phrase that can be considered as relevant in this regard. We do understand the fact that if we suitably use our mind, things that really matter will happen in our lives.
You must have seen people who imagine themselves to be sick and then actually experience it. Similarly people can imagine themselves well and miraculously recover.
All of us have experienced something like this in our own lives. We all have those days where we wake up thinking that this is going to be a bad day - and in fact, these days usually are. This is the power of the mind at work.
All these are not mere happening. As a matter of the fact these incidents take place because we think too much about them in a negative way and this the mind does the trick.
There are various complicated and high level scientific theories that explain the power of the mind. Quantum physics is one of them. It explains that at the sub atomic level there is nothing but energy and that matter is nonexistent at that level. It also says that the presence of the energy is felt only because we observe it and thus shows us that the mind being the observer is actually a container of great power which needs to be harnessed for good use.
Some of the more fringe scientific studies are trying to link this observer effect to thinks like remote viewing, telepathy, and other 'supernatural' powers. An even greater extension is that everything we see, feel and hear - all of our sensory inputs, may well be something 'stitched together' into a narrative by our minds.
Thus we can say that all things around us are energy created by the power of our mind. There is nothing solid that exists and everything that we perceive is in fact created by the mind.
And that opens up doors. Learning how to use the power of your mind can change your life, by giving you focus, by making a lot of your goals attainable. It's better to keep your mind open to opportunities, to let the Law of Attraction work for you, than to let negative impressions derail your life.
Let us look at what needs to be done in order to get your mind to manifest everything you want.
We must initially set a clear goal in our mind and this must be done in a categorical way. However The goal that we decide must not be contain a subject matter which is vague for example huge amount of money. We must have the amount precisely in our mind and then channelize all our thoughts and energy to think about that fixed amount.
If you'd like to become financially well off, you need to focus on a specific dollar amount rather than trying to focus on being wealthy in general. This makes it far easier for your mind to focus on this objective.
The sign of someone who's goal focused is that they're very driven. They work each and every moment towards some goal, rather than frittering their time away in unstructured pursuits. When they're working on a goal, they're driving towards it, rather than do it a little bit, then get distracted by something else.
These people who are able to channelize their mind power in fact people with great mental stature. As their starts working and goes forward with the task of achieving the goal, the other energies are also channelized towards the same. Thus the combination of energies help to great extent and this theory may not be easy to grasp since in reality it seems too easy to attain.
Start focusing your mental energies on this goal. Visualize what vegetables you'd plant in the garden and what color you'd paint each room in the home.
Let's talk about your dream house for a second. You will give yourself the appropriate affirmation to study hard on how to make this happen. You might look into mortgage rates, what you need to do with your personal finances, or even read that fine print on potential contracts.
After you've put your effort towards it, your dream starts coming true - the house goes up for sale, you are able to secure the mortgage, your offer is accepted and everything goes fine. It's all because you've been putting your thoughts and your energy into achieving your goal; this is what makes it happen for you.
In a nutshell our mind is really a powerhouse that has no bound to impossible things it can do. We should not thus have any doubts to the capabilities of the human mind.

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