Song Of Mind

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


Mind is a thought and it is not true. A thought comes from ignorance, so it can't be true- it has no basis and no existence, it is imagined and fleeting! So leave mind alone to pass, it surely does not belong to you
When you hold on to it you obstruct its free flow which causes you suffering
So let it flow by understanding- let mind be separate from you, watch it like a cloud passing across a clear blue sky-be its friend by ignoring it,
Good or bad thoughts-none are yours. Don't try to control it, for it does not belong to you and trying to control mind makes him agitated and he bites!
Do it now. Free mind, leave it alone be rejecting it
Surrender mind to the self from where it originates and don't take anything it says to be true. Let it pass untouched; give it some wind by ignoring it! Let it speak but don't listen to it!
Then die and BE quiet without mind, be very still, stir not a single thought or action, be like a dead piece of wood or rock, silent yet truly there!
Be SILENT, it is the surest sign that you are FREE OF MIND
Your former life with mind was a bursting life of thoughts, utter confusion and misery because you took mind as yours, but now set it free, let it flow!
A billion thoughts have passed since you were born-where are they now? Gone in the abyss of ignorance they came from!
Break the mind by knowing its not true-set it FREE, so you can be forever FREE
Your life begins at the end of mind-thus mind is a prison wall that is imagined- it is purely imaginary, so escape from it and be yourself
Leave mind and ego behind and float up to what you truly are. Formless and nameless- without concept
Mind is a friend who you have asked to play the enemy-let it be free by ignoring it. Set yourself free now. It takes nothing-no effort is needed just understanding that mind is not true.

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