Some ways to understand a good Partner

understand a good Partner

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

A happy and married life is very important for everybody. There should be a mutual understanding and good relationship with the partners for leading a happy and balanced married & model family life. Each partner should try to contribute a lot to maintain the harmony & happiness of the family. Each one should forgive the other and they should keep a stronger relationship for maintaining the family setup. The family members should not find fault with each other. An emotionally healthy and balanced family, is what we need today. Each and every family members should with live mutual personal understanding. The parent should be a role model to the others. In this situation, the personal role of each partner is of paramount importance. The following simple guideline gives us an overall idea about, how to understand a good partner in an ideal family set up.
They should always forgive the past mistakes forever

They should not compare each with somebody else

Each should have a give and take policy and should always be mutually helpful

Each Partner should understand the importance of Space and Time in the Relationship.

Good Communication skill is the sign of a good partner

Transparency and truthfulness is the quality of a good partner

A Good Partner should not make unnecessary complications in Life

They should have some Sympathy and Empathy in Life

An Ideal Partner is always reasonable in his thoughts and actions

Each Partner should have an Attitude of Self understanding

A Good Partner is always a Positive thinker and Optimistic

Each one should take responsibility of his or her actions & thoughts

An Ideal Partner is always Emotionally and Mentally Stable

They should always be Mutually Helping and Magnanimous

A Good Partner is always a dependable person

A good Partner always support the other in all activities

A Good Partner try to keep the Physical & Emotional Relationship always

A good partner is always Honest & Truthful

When unable to do always say “Sorry for the Same”

They are always Lovers and Friends

A good Partner is a Spiritually oriented person

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