Some Things Rich and Poor do daily


Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Rich and Poor people are present in this world from the beginning of the day. Even though we try to reduce the difference between Rich and Poor it still continues and will continue. Here some questions come to our mind.
Is Richness a blessing from God?
Are people born lucky?
Why some people are lucky and others are unlucky?
Why some are Poor and continue to be Poor?
Is there any difference between the thinking of Rich and Poor?
Is Richness a state of the mind?
What is the behaviour pattern of Rich and Poor?
It is really very interesting to find an answer to these questions ?

Below we are trying to present some interesting differences in the habits of Rich and Poor.

1. Wealthy People eat less junk food, whereas Poor people eat more junk food.
2. Gambling is more seen in Poor people, whereas less wealthy people go for gambling.
3. Majority of Wealthy people focus on single theme, whereas Poor people divert their attention.
4. Wealthy people maintain a regular exercise pattern daily, whereas Poor are not concerned about this.
5. Majority of Wealthy persons are systematic and they maintain a daily what to do List, whereas Poor people don't do.
6. Wealthy persons motivate their children for reading and writing, whereas the Poor is less concerned.
7. Wealthy Persons always remember to make Birthday calls to others, whereas the Poor is less concerned.
8. Majority of Wealthy persons keep a daily journal and write their goals, whereas only few Poor people will do that.
9. Majority of Wealthy persons spend time for regular reading and writing and update their knowledge, whereas very few Poor people will do this.
10. Most of the Wealthy people keep important things secret, but the Poor expresses everything openly.
11. Majority of the wealthy persons spend less time on TV, whereas the Poor spend more time on TV.
12. Majority of the wealthy persons wake up early in the morning and start their work, But it is not the case in the Poor.
13. A good number of wealthy persons teach and preach about success habits to their children and others, whereas very less Poor do it.
14. Majority of the wealthy persons believe that our luck is created by ourselves, but the Poor doesn't.
15. Wealthy people believe that bad habits adversely affect their luck factor, whereas the Poor doesn't.
16. Wealthy people believe that we create our reality, whereas the Poor thinks other ways.
17. Wealthy people always maintain a positive mental attitude, whereas Poor focus on negativity.
18. Wealthy people always have a smiling face, whereas the Poor don't have.
19. Wealthy people don't criticized the circumstances, whereas as the Poor is not like that.
20. Wealthy people always live in the present, whereas the Poor focus more on the past.

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