Some Let Go Things for Happiness


Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

It is a fact that to attain true happiness is our Goal. But many times Even though we try, there are various hindrances and obstacles. We have to bypass these problems very effectively and tactfully. So that we will achieve our goal. Here we are giving some points about which we should have a let go attitude. So that we can move on the path.
1. Let Go what others think and criticize about you.
One should not be demoralized or demotivated what other people say or what other people think negatively about you when you are moving your own path. If you divert by others' criticizms you cannot never reach your goal.
2. Let Go of your Anger
Anger will really kill us. Try to be not angry at any moment of time. If anger comes to your life just observe it and be with it and gradually it will resolved. Actually, anger is a negative force so we should always try to learn not to be angry at any moment of time.
3. Let Go your negative thoughts.
In our life thousands of thoughts will come every moment. If you are going to start a positive thing immediate a negative thought will arise and it will try to prevent us from moving forward. We should give very careful to delete all the negative thinking that comes to our life. The best thing is having a Let Go attitude in life.
4. Let Go of a Perfect Life.
It is very important to note that perfection is next to impossibility. The more you try to be perfect the more problems will come. The best days select the best things from many choices and then proceed. You can also follow your inner feeling.
5. Let Go of unrealistic goals.
Most of the time we will dream and the aim at very fantastic and unreal goals. When we are setting goals we should be reasonably real and should be reasonably attainable, then only we can achieve it.
6. Let Go of Good Fortune always.
Don't think that life is full of blessings always. Always there will be various setbacks. Life is a combination of Good and Bad, So we should accept as it is.
7. Let go of unnecessary Excuses.
For any failures in our life we make various excuses. It is better to take all the responsibilities for our own success and failure.
8. Let Go of Rigidity
It is a best practice to be flexible and very adjustable in all situations in our life. We should be considerate about others feelings also.
9. Let Go of Procrastination
Today is our turn and tomorrow belongs to somebody else. So, we should see that we should do everything then and there as far as possible. Never try to postpone even little things in our life. Procrastination is a real block to our progress.
10. Let Go of Concepts.
It is better not to have any pre-conceive judgements and thought about somebody. If we can meet and interact with any person without pre-conceived notion we can be afresh and anew and we can manage the situation very successfully and happily.
11. Let Go of Jealousy
To have a jealous attitude will really ruin our life. You should always appreciate others for their success. We should be happy with the achievements of others so that we will also become happy.
12. Let Go of Insecurity.
In this world where everything is the creation of Almighty there is no meaning in the feeling of insecurity. Each and every moment we are protected by the creator. In our life if one path is blocked, another path will open to us. Don't have the feeling of insecurity when problems arrive in life. Always think that there is a way to live on.
13. Let Go of the past.
The thing that is gone is gone for ever. We always think and worry and get dipressed for the past things and past mistakes we are made. Every mistake or every myserty in our life is a new lesson for us. So, thinking about the past and worrying about it is of no use. We have to change from the past things and we should move to the future by living in the present fully and happily.
14. Let Go of Over Expectations.
The main reason for our unhappiness is more expectations than we really deserve. Most of us are disappointed by simply by our over thinking & over expectations, even in simple and silly things in life. It is nice to understand - "Always expect the unexpected".

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