Some Easy Steps To Finding Your Life Purpose

Dr. Purushothaman
November 27, 2013


The key to a happy life probably lies in finding your life purpose. Accomplishing

what you have actually set out to achieve could be one of the easiest ways of

Life is about falling. Living is about getting back up
delving into the true meaning of life. Most often, we find ourselves asking

questions like, how can I be happy? A feeling of complete success is what makes a

person the happiest. Therefore, once I am aware of my purpose in life, my goals

stand clear. I can now set out to achieve my life purpose. Once I attain success, a

feeling of true happiness engulfs my entire being. I feel a sense of accomplishment

which unravels the true crux of happiness.

Many people seek the assistance of a life coach in order to find the true meaning

of life. Prior to engaging one, you need to try some self initiated processes as well

for finding your life purpose. Self introspection is the best way to start off.

Steps to finding Your Life Purpose

If you want to have a life with a purpose and plan to achieve it, you can rest

assured that the end result will be a happy life. How do you go about finding your

life purpose? Asking you simple questions like what my life purpose is and what is

it that I want to achieve, may not yield satisfactory results at once. The true

purpose of life gets entangled in a lot of unnecessary pursuits. You need to sort

them out for due clarity. Consider the following measures for unraveling the true

purpose of life.

* Use your bodily responses as a key direction determinant. Typically, the body

sends out some distinct signals concerning activities the mind relishes indulging in,

and vice versa. You need to be alert enough to look out for them. Understanding

these responses and distinguishing the unfavorable signals from the favorable

ones is important.

* Once you know how the body reacts, it is time to survey the activities you pursue

throughout the day. Ask the relevant question. What is my life about? The answer

lies in the activities you particularly enjoy doing. Although you may hope that

most of them would be a part of your professional life, this may not always be the

case. It is important to look into both your personal and leisure time activities, on

a comprehensive basis. Look for signals from your body compass in order to judge

well. Finding your life purpose is all about putting a finger on the task which

guarantees maximum personal fulfillment.

* If the image is still quite blurry, you need to probably take a re look at your

childhood dreams. For example, if you dreamt of becoming an athlete and have

ended up as a businessman instead, look for ways to access your interests.

What is life about? It is about knowing what you love to do the most and helping

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