Social Aptitude

Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2013

You Don't Have To Be A Social Butterfly

Having good social aptitude isn't necessarily about being the "A" type personality. It can simply mean that your rapport with others is excellent and you excel in communication.

Not everyone has the natural ability to just roll up to a social gathering and be the life of the party, and nor should you feel you need to be like that person, but having good social skills [] is a trait that can be useful for opening doors to friendship, romance and business dealings.

Shyness Is Painful

Do you know someone painfully shy? - I do, and the fact is that they miss out on a ton of great social interaction simply because their shyness stops them and they just refuse to participate - I ask you, what sort of way to live is that?

For years I have believed that social aptitude should be taught at school level - Get them young and teach them all how to communicate. Imagine a society without the painful restrictions of shyness.

Is It Confidence?

A lot of the time a person may be lacking confidence and for what ever reason this is they feel like to be in the spotlight is to show all their weaknesses to the world - For everybody to highlight.

What a shame, because everyone has weaknesses, it's just that some of us aren't afraid to show them.

Whether it be acne for a teenager or obesity at any age there are many things that can cause shyness and therefor take away the social aptitude that we deserve to have.

Everyone has the right to be happy and in some cases shyness can take that away.

The Simple Way

For my money the best way to increase your social aptitude is to just talk to people. It's nothing outlandish, but it works - Trust me.

Simply talk to the person next to you in line, have a chat with your bank teller or spark up a conversation with some random. After a while it stops being so hard and becomes the norm. By doing this you train the social side of your personality to become more adept at communicative abilities and you'll be able to go anywhere and feel confident in your communication skills.

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