Six Guides for a Planned and Purposeful Life.

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


Only 3 or 4 people, out of a hundred, set goals and live a purposeful life. If you want to turn your dreams into reality, there is no other way. Talking or wishing has never resolved any problems and never will. Action is what is important. Planning is what is essential. Having a purpose is the foundation.
Here are six guides, or six steps for a planned and purposeful life. These steps brings action, wisdom and enlightenment as you pursue your dreams.
First, do, positively, the creed that calls for action, performance, production and accomplishment.
The new creed of living is the creed of "do". It is the opposite of the creed of "do not," the negative creed of rejection, procrastination, fear and failure.
This positive creed says "do, rather than do not"; "do, rather than talk about it"; "do, rather than wish"; "do, rather than wait."
Second, deliberately condition your subconscious by what you do consciously. Wholeheartedly want the best outcomes from your actions. Let your subconscious have free reign in demonstrating its great power.
The subconscious mind has the power to work for you and bring you all the good that you desire. It has the ability, when properly understood and used, to help you attract people, opportunities and money that will guarantee and maximize your chances of success.
Unleash the power of the subconscious mind by visualizing, affirming, feeling and doing. You then activate the law of attraction that will give you all the good that you desire according to your dominant thoughts.
Third, establish in your life a pattern of personal "retreats" where you concentrate on your purpose in life, and look at your progress objectively.
Meditation is reflecting and receiving. Receiving inspiration, wisdom, health and spirituality.
Meditation is a continuous and profound contemplation on a subject or series of subjects of a deep nature.
Meditation brings a sense of fullness and wholeness. It is one of the only permanent source of tranquility available to human beings.
Prayer is meditation. The habit of meditation is the basis for all real knowledge.
Fourth, seek guidance, and use all of the readily available resources to equip you with practical, usable knowledge of positive living.
Coaches, mentors and good advice are everywhere. You can attract the best by the person you are, the person you want to be.
People will help you find a solution when you're down. Mentors will believe in you when you doubt. A good friend will give you some advice that can transform the moment and recharge your batteries.
Fifth, keep your program full of positive, progressive action by having several goals in prospect, on a variety of subjects, at the same time.
Setting goals will set you apart from the average person. Setting and achieving goals are not reserved to an elite. Yet, it seems that only 3 or 4 people out of a hundred properly select goals that will change their lives.
Sixth, take advantage of the full capacity of your subconscious to serve you by deliberately giving your inner mind positive projects to work on, even while you sleep.
Your subconscious mind works 24/7. You can find in it an ally that will help you solve problems. Watch your thoughts, especially when you're about to sleep. Give your subconscious a problem to solve or some positive thoughts to work on during your night.
These six guides for a planned and purposeful life involve your whole you: your body(action), your spirit(meditation), your mind(conscious and subconscious) and your heart(emotions) to activate the law of attraction.

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