Simple things that make you better

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Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Every day when we are waking up we are faced with newer and newer situations in our life. We might have planned something yesterday, but today it has totally changed. New Priorities we have to consider. Our daily programs have to be changed. Our routine might have changed. But for a successful person is not confused by these problems and he faces all this with courage and a balanced mind. In order to manage our life very effectively, we should adopt some of the Novel methods and techniques that will change our mind setup , attitude and approach. So that we will come out with flying colours in every act and deed. In whichever area we are working. Let us go, through the following simple things which we can practice ourselves everyday and we will be changed very much.
1) Novelty and Nobleness should be your first Priority.
We should select always very Noble and Novel ideas and should work on that.
2) Always learn new things.
Every experience in our life should be a turning point in our life and we should learn new things from our experience. Actually life is a continuous learning process.
3) Meet new persons and visit new places.
Meeting and Interacting with new persons and visiting new places in actually stimulating your mind and well being and we boost our enthusiasm.
4) Watch and understand the News and Events.
Make it a habit to know what is happening in and around us in this world. So, regular watching the news is a helpful.
5) Make Book Reading a Habit.
Books are the source of wisdom and knowledge. Books are really stimulating your mind and brain. The books are real motivators. Book reading is really relaxing. Books stimulate your enthusiasm. Books reading really increases your brain power. So, make book reading regular habit in your life.
6) Do your daily work in a different way.
Make it a habit to change the pattern of your work in a different way every day. This different approach makes your mind more active and will result in better outcomes.
7) Take challenges in Life.
Every day take up one new challenge, so that you will become more courageous and confident. Do some brain puzzles. We should make it a habit to do some mental exercises to boost the function of our mind and brain.
8) Find 3 answers for one problem.
It is interested to know that every problem has a solution in itself. Every question has answer in itself. For a given situation always have atleast three choices. From that you can select the best one.
9) Do some creative act daily.
Always be creative in our life.
10) Do some hobbies
Every day we should find time to do some simple hobbies like drawing, painting, playing and instrument and the like. Which are relaxing to our mind and body.
11) Write something daily
Every day we should make It a habit to write your thoughts and goals. It is better to maintain a daily journal. You can also write some Articles and blogs. You can write a Short Story, Poem, Novel or Fictions. Any how daily writing habits is an excellent tool in our life.
12) Maintain your physical health
We should always have good health. Daily exercise should be a regular habit. You should also practice some breathing exercises.
13) Interaction with interesting person
Everyday we should talk and discuss various topics with interesting persons whenever we get a chance.
14) Maintain a balanced diet
We should be very particular about the food we consume. Our food should be nutritious and balanced. We should take more fruits and vegetables. Natural foods are more important.
15) Pray and Meditate
Every day we should spend 10 to 15 minutes morning and evening for our spiritual progress. Prayer and Meditation should be a part of our life.

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