Simple Let Go Things in Life

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Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

As human beings most of the time we are living in our old concepts and beliefs. It is a common fact in a particular situation, especially when there are various problems and conflicts we are very rigid and stubborn. The very attitude of rigidity will not find a solution to a particular problem and that will lead everybody to various miseries and sufferings. It is very wise to understand that problems, conflicts and contradictions are part of our life. To lead a balanced and peaceful life we should avoid these situations in life. Even though we are trying to do something in one way, the outcome may be different. We cannot predict what is occurring in the next movement.
To be truthful, I was also very rigid in my life. Later, various life events and experiences had taught me a lesson that, TO BE RIGID is of no use in our life. Actually, it creates adverse outcomes in our life. Now I have found that a 'LET GO' attitude is the best approach in life . Here I am trying to present some of the simple LET GO approaches that will make our life Peaceful and Happy.
1. Let Go of our Notion that everything should be right and perfect every time.
2. Let Go of the difficulty in apologizing for our wrong activities.
3. Let Go of the approach of making friendship for simple friendship.
4. Let Go of the attitude of pursuing on your most important dream in life.
5. Let Go of the feeling of Living in Well Being always.
6. Let Go of undue expectation of friends and family that they should understand me.
7. Let Go that my life partner should be a perfect person.
8. Let Go that everybody should follow my path.
9. Let Go that I should control everything.
10. Let Go the idea that my profession is the best one.
11. Let Go that I can't do something better than now.
12. Let Go that somebody is the cause of my failures.
13. Let Go the jealousy I have about successful people.
14. Let Go the problems and miseries around me.
15. Let Go the attitude that I am not creative
16. Let Go the feeling that I am not a Loving and Successful Person.
17. Let Go my affinity to Negative thoughts.
18. Let Go judging others.
19. Let Go that I am unable to make Positive things.
20. Let Go thinking about the sudden success in life.
21. Let Go the life is always happy.

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