Signs from the Universe Can Help You Find Your Life Purpose

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


Here is another example of a "sign from the universe" that you might come across as you search for your higher life purpose and greater fulfillment in life.
At the end of December of 2007, I received a "Money Angel" chain email from a friend. It stated that those who forwarded the email to a certain number of friends will receive a surprise gift from the "Money Angel" within a certain number of days. Although I ignore most chain emails, I said "Why not?" to this one (because who couldn't use some angel money?) and forwarded it to 12 or 13 people, one of whom was "D."
Around the same time, I received another email from a stock broker about investment opportunities in renewable energy. Since I knew D. was interested in renewable energy and I got an intuition to forward the email to him, I did. A few days passed by and I ran into D.
"How do you do it?" D. asked as soon as I was within earshot.
"Do what?" I said. I had no idea what I did.
"That solar stock you sent information on doubled in value last week. I had money I needed to invest before the end of the year. Were you hinting that I should invest in it?" D. asked. He reminded me of the two emails I had sent him several days before.
OK, this is where I knew I had to clarify things. I explained to him that I was not psychic. I didn't know he had money he needed to invest by the end of the year. All I did was send him two quick emails (there was an intuitive hunch to send those to him). Furthermore, stock investment was not a decision I could make for him. He was the one who 1. knew he had money he needed to invest immediately and 2. received two interesting emails, all within a very short time period (within about 24 hours). He had the opportunity to either go with it, or not. He could respond, or not. And he didn't do it. Rather, he wanted to know "how I did it."
Perhaps in the land of The Celestine Prophesy people are aware that they are relaying "secret" or "special" information or messages to others. In reality, however, I have found that people are completely unaware that they might have a message or a sign to you from the "universe." They don't have a clue, as in this example I didn't have a clue. And the funny thing is, these things work because we aren't aware. If we knew, we might have hesitated, we might have doubted ourselves. But the higher self knows how to get things done. In fact, the paradox is that growth and evolution occurs because we're not conscious of certain things.
The point of this article is not to brag that some stock went up; stocks go up and they come down. Rather, I wish to emphasize that something that someone says seemingly randomly might be a message to you from the universe, and that it's the job of the recipient of these "clues" to pay attention and sometimes to put the pieces together and either go with it, or not. These types of occurrences have happened to me so often that I am confident this is one of the ways the universe speaks to us. And much more often than not, I found that trusting this form of guidance and going ahead resulted in positive, sometimes amazing outcomes. After all, we're all interconnected even though it sometimes seems that we're not. So be aware that this might happen to you as you further your path! Because when you connect to the interconnectedness (the universe), life is indeed an adventure.

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