Self acceptance tips

Dr. Purushothaman
August 22, 2013

'Self acceptance' may sound like giving up and stopping efforts to improve yourself. But it is not that at all. Self acceptance - seeing yourself as you really are (and that's a much nicer experience than it might sound!), is the essential beginning to becoming who you want to be.

Real self acceptance gives you a solid foundation upon which to build yourself into who you want to become. Without that foundation, you may be building a house of cards.

Honesty without guilt

And self acceptance is not just about appreciating your good points - it is more about being honest about your less commendable traits - without feeling guilty or inadequate because of them.

Stop pretending to be something you're not

This is self acceptance and when you truly accept yourself for who you are, without feeling you have to pretend all the time, then paradoxically, your self confidence takes a massive leap.

Self acceptance doesn't mean not striving to improve and change but it does mean making allowances for yourself sometimes, knowing your natural weaker points and accepting them whilst remembering your strong points.

How accepting yourself as you are will help you

Once you truly accept yourself, you will waste no energy or time on self deception or deceiving others and you will develop clarity as to just what needs improving.

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