Seeking Help For A Dying Relationship

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


I learned the hard way that when I need advice on relationship matters, my circle of friends is not the place to seek that out. My marriage began to become a bit shaky after the first few years, and instead of asking the advice of a trained professional, I listened to my girlfriends. Doing so almost ruined what was basically a good marriage.Because most of my friends were still single, they really didn't know how important daily communication is in a marriage. My husband and I were both so busy with our careers that we made little time for one another, and we slowly began to grow apart. I had been considering starting a family, but I was reluctant to do so until I felt that our marriage was on stronger ground.The advice that I received from my friends involved playing emotional games rather than directly addressing the problems in my marriage. I'm glad that I figured this out early and soon stopped listening to others, because what was left of my marriage was beginning to suffer even more as a result. The best way to handle a relationship that is going bad is to openly and honestly communicate with the other person on a daily basis.I would advise anyone who is in a position where they need advice on relationship issues to seek out the assistance of trained professionals rather than counting on their friends and acquaintance to supply them with quality advice. Relationships are hard and sometimes help is a necessary part of working out differences between individuals. Getting involved as a couple comes with a myriad of potential misunderstandings, challenges and complications that individuals need to work around. Fortunately, help is available to get the relationship out of those tough situations and back toward a happy life.
Those who want to get relationship help should start by determining the exact nature of assistance they need. The most common help available is advice from a third party who is outside the situation. When it is time to get relationship help, the best source of assistance is a professional who understands both sides of the story and is willing to work with the couple to reach a satisfying conclusion.
The best way to get simple help is to ask relationship questions to a professional. The professional will explain different aspects of relationships and help clear up potential misunderstandings by giving suggestions based on the question. When choosing to ask relationship questions, it is best to form the question so that it is easy to understand the situation for the most accurate replies. This will ensure that the answer does not complicate the situation further.
Relationships are not easy because two individuals are trying to work together despite differences in thinking processes and outlooks on life. While it is hard, with a little help and advice the relationship can last for a lifetime. It is not necessary to let misunderstandings continue when help is available.
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