Secrets Of Personality Development

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Personality development is a hot and interesting topic of discussion in the present day. More and more people are getting concern about their outlook and behavioral pattern as these affect their image and prominence in the society and even the business world. Along with, many prominent thinkers and psychologists are researching more and more to find out the hidden secrets of personality development.

Different people have different traits, characters, and habits; all these attributes together form an individual’s personality. Every individual has a unique personality depending on his or her beliefs, culture, religion, education, surroundings, family values, and the biological system. These factors greatly influence the physical, emotional, spiritual development of an individual and define his or her personality.

Some of the known psychologists have researched on various different types of personalities and their unique traits. Some of the most known types are perfectionist, helper, achiever, romantic, observer, questioner, adventurer, asserter, and peacemaker.

Perfectionist types are disciplined and realistic in life, having high ideals and ethics. These people love to be respected and admired by all. Helpers are fun-loving, generous, caring, and sensitive to the needs of others. They have an art of winning people’s hearts and making them feel special. Achievers are full of energetic, optimistic, and goal-oriented. People with this type of personality are dedicated to their work and continue struggling with faith and optimism for the fulfillment of their dreams. People with a romantic type of personality are fun-loving and have a good sense of humor. If you admire their personality they’ll shower all their warmth and concern on you but if you complain about their type of behavior then they won’t show any kind of warm connections. Observers are the kind of people who don’t easily mingle with everyone but they are analytical and insightful with a quest for knowledge and wisdom. They are introvert kind of people and dislike any kind of intrusion in their personal life and matters.

Questioners are direct in their approach and beliefs. They like to be straightforward and have a great love for their family and friends. Adventurers are energetic, optimistic, and affectionate. They live an adventurous life and win over all challenges with a smile on their face. The key traits of the asserter type of personality are self-dependent, self-confident, and direct in approach. Such people love facing challenges and winning over them and love people admiring them. But don’t flatter them because that’s something they dislike. Peacemakers are friendly, supportive, and receptive people. They like to serve humanity and stay in union with people as well as nature.

Whatever types your personality is the most important thing is how you present yourself. Presentation is not only attributed to your physical appearance but the way you speak, the way you deliver your emotions, the way you face challenges in life, and the way you accept changes in life. It is very important to live an optimistic life and cancel all your negative thoughts if ever they invade your life. You need to identify the problems of your life rather than cribbing for what you feel is going wrong. The problems may be due to various factors including your behavior, your emotional aspect, and pessimism that rule your life. If you know the true reason then it’s easy to find out the way with ease and comfort. There are situations when people belonging to different types of personalities are stuck in a similar situation but then too the factors and the causes, and the results are different.

So, make a true judgment of yourself, and then you’ll definitely get an answer to all. And yes, another important thing is to have faith in God. Place yourself in His hands with faith and assurance that God will give you all at the right time. With optimism, faith, hard work, and a warm heart you can develop your personality the way you want. Whatever your traits and characteristics are you can win the world with the best you have within you.


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