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Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Relationships are complicated and for the most part it takes time and effort to sustain a healthy relationship. Anyone that has been in a relationship can tell you that the feeling of being in love with someone and also loving them back in return is priceless. Let's face it, we all need love and it helps when we know that there is someone out there that loves us and cares about us. It's a feeling that cannot be explained but experienced.
When you are in a relationship, it's a safe bet to say the relationship will experience its up and downs over time. That's just natural. Once the excitement of being with the other person starts wearing off and the flames start to die down most people in relationships panic and head for the exit. We tend to forget that we really loved this person and forget all the good days. The spark that ignited and brought you together is no longer there.
How do you save your relationship? Well, for a relationship to work you have to be willing to cultivate and nature the spark that ignited the relationship in the beginning to a steady flame that continues to burn throughout the relationship. So the question we ought to ask ourselves is how do we keep the flame burning? And if the spark is no longer there, how do we re-ignite the spark that we once had?
One of the best ways to get things going in the right direction is to start talking to your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. Get together and talk and calmly talk about the issues in the relationship. Try not to raise your voice at the other person and let them talk while you listen. Once you show each other that it's OK to openly talk about the issues that are plaguing your relationship, then that will foster communication and openness in the relationship.
What we all need to realize there are sometimes when the relationship is at a point where there is a possibility that you both might not end up together as a couple. I've heard couples say I'll do anything to save my relationship.
Saving your relationship can also mean that if you don't end up together with your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, you can still save the relationship and end up as good friends. Sometimes it's better to remain friends even if you don't end up as a couple. I have friends that worked to save their relationship and ended up realizing that they no longer loved their boyfriend or girlfriend, but they still ended up as close friends who care about one another.
Sometimes we get so caught up thinking this is the only person for me and that this is the relationship for me. Well I'm here to remind you, that there will be more opportunities out there for you to be in a healthy relationship again. Remember do not change yourself just for the sake of the relationship. I truly believe there is someone out there just for you who and he or she will love you for who you are.
In the process of saving your relationship, it can lead to both of you realizing that you deeply care for one another and as a result, decide to make it work and as a result save your relationship. Communication, respect, love, and being open with each other are some of the sure ways to save your relationship.
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