Save a Troubled Relationship Through Intimacy

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Intimacy is one of the common issues in a troubled relationship. When there is lack of intimacy, it can cause your partner or spouse to stray away. No matter how painful and how devastating infidelity is, there is still hope to save your troubled relationship which is done by tackling intimacy issues.
When partners mention that they look for more intimacy in a relationship, this does not necessarily mean that they want sexual intimacy. Some are looking for openness when it comes to their feelings, which are often neglected in a very busy marriage or relationship. Other couples are expecting more spontaneity in their relationship, which could make their married life more exciting and definitely more interesting.
Here are some ways to save a troubled relationship through intimacy:
1. Give each other a back rub or a massage just before you go to sleep. Massages do not only help remove pains and ailments, but also release endorphins that can help make you feel relieved and happy. Even when facing the many stresses of married life and there are so many problems in your relationship, simple moments spent together like this can help reduce stress. You can do this every night, just before you sleep or during the weekends when you can spend more time massaging each other and possibly more intimate interactions later on.
2. Send each other messages or notes to let the other know you are looking forward to his/her company later in the evening. Instead of handing him bills and notices that he has to worry about, hand him a note or send him a text message saying that you want to talk to and spend time with him later. By initiating this effort, you can rekindle the moments that each of you shared before everything was chaotic and stressful. You can exchange text messages or emails saying how much you have missed your intimate moments instead of just writing letters and notes.
3. You can go to an adults shop and see how he will react to your forwardness. Purchase sexy lingerie or a sexy DVD and watch as he anticipates the evening. He will surely love to see this new found spontaneity in you as you dictate your new found sexual intimacy together. Men may react differently than women who tend to be straightforward in intimate moments, but most will definitely react positively, re-igniting the flames of your dying romance.
4. You can do activities that you enjoyed before when you were just a couple. Watching drive in movies, going to the park, ice skating, or just chatting on the phone; these activities will help ignite the feelings that you two shared before. You can also get out the high school photo albums, play songs that you two listened to before, and even watch movies or home movies that will help the both of you save your troubled relationship. This only proves that a couple needs to understand each other in a more intimate and private way to be able to improve their relationship and ultimately save it.
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