Safety Training in the Workplace

Dr. Purushothaman
December 6, 2013

Be at home, in school, or at work, safety is always the main priority of any individual. In most companies, assuring the safety and health concerns of the employees are two of the main priorities of any good leadership. Managers and business heads must see to it that the company has concrete plans which cater to the welfare of its employees. Leadership and safety goes hand in hand. A good leader does not only mind how to care for the company but also for its employees. The employees serve as vital parts of a company. When these parts become broken, the company will not function effectively or might even die.

In what ways can a company implement safety in the company? Most companies hold seminars or lectures wherein safety concerns are being brought out and discussed with the employees. Health and safety experts are invited to talk on ways how one can ensure his or safety and the safety of others inside the company premises. However, most companies find this strategy a failure. Whenever they conduct one, they find their employees not taking it seriously. Most doze off while the speaker is having a lecture. That is the reason why most experts suggest using gimmicks, such as games and drills, during the lecture. This will somehow spark interest from the audience and at the same time, get their attention on the safety guidelines being discussed by their safety leader or speaker.

Another effective means of promoting safety awareness to employees and is found most effective is through mock drills. Mock drills refer to the annual fire and earthquake drills that most companies and schools conduct. You might see your employees having fun or mocking the drill literally at time but these drills are proven effective. Most people remember and learn by doing. Through mock drills, employees get to apply what they have read in the safety manual during surprise fire or earthquake drills. The company, at the same time, gets to evaluate if their current safety procedures are effective or need amendments.

Lastly, safety in the workplace will be most implemented if there is safety training. The current trend in most companies nowadays is conducting safety training or leadership programs. Employees who have gone through safety trainings are found to be great help to the company in promoting safety to others. They can model safety procedure and are trained in the proper and effective procedures in ensuring safety in the workplace.

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