Relationships in other cultures

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Relationships don't go the same in all cultures of this planet. For example, in the Arab world, if you can't provide with coffee for your wife she can get a divorce simply because of that. In other cultures it is fine for a man to have several wives, but he has to pay in an amount of gold equal to the weight of his wives.
I love knowing about how relationships work in other cultures because most of the time it makes me feel better about mine. There is nothing wrong with other cultures' relationship pattern, but they just seem weird to me, some times. In fact, you should know that I once knew an Arab guy that was interested in what kind of relationships we like. That was a very interesting chat.
The fact that relationships are seen in so many ways in so many different ways amazes me. Another fact that is very interesting is how relationships between people of different cultures work. For some odd reason it seems to me that the man in the relationship dictates the trend they follow and the lady has to follow them if she wants to stay in that relationship.
There is one thing I really don't agree with and that is those relationships in which the culture dictates that the woman is literally given away to a certain man and she has to marry him, whether she feels something for him or not. This I believe is wrong and it should be illegal because I also believe that a human being should be free to choose on their own with who they have a relationship with. This type of activity is common with gypsies and a few other eastern cultures, but I hope this practice is being stopped slowly but surely.
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