Relationship Tips - How to Make a Relationship Last

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Relationship tips for lasting relationships. Many relationships don't last the test of time today. There are many reasons but here are 5 top relationship tips to help make sure it does not happen to you.
Before I share these relationship tips lets discover where you are in your relationship first. Which one of these is you?
*In a relationship and its not going well
*In a relationship and your bored
*Single and you want to find out how get the most out of relationships
*In a good relationship and want to make sure you keep it that way
If any of the above is you then please read on. Relationships are not easy and thats probably what you have found and is why your reading this. The good news is when you know what your doing and what to look for its like anything, with a little thought and some work on your part any relationship will be a walk in the park. Do you remember how difficult is was learning to drive and now you don't even think about it.
Now just imagine your relationship being just like that, these relationship tips will get you on the right path.
The following relationship tips are a summary so do not worry help is at hand if you need it!
1. This the most important fact to remember, someone falls in love with you because of how they feel about themselves when they are with you. If someone feels constantly bad and attaches those feeling to you the chance of the relationship being in trouble or ending are high! Consistently help someone to feel bad and a split or worse an affair is likely. The key is for you both to give to each other and find out what makes you both happy.
2. Focus on you and find out what makes you happy. When you are happy more than 80% of the time, your relationship will be more successful, so creating these feelings for you are critical. I can tell you now that the answers to creating a happy you are within you. The process of finding what makes you happy is 100% linked to your Values. If you do not understand, your values and the rules you attach to those values prepare yourself for emotional pain. If you ever feel bad, it is because your actions have disrespected your values.
3. Next discover your partners Values & Rules; these are all the elements that drive him or her towards happiness. Do all you can to support your partner to achieve that goal of happiness.
4. When a woman makes a man feel like a man, watch how he changes and automatically makes you feel like a woman. The same is true for men.
5. Understand the positive intentions behind your partners actions, especially ones you don't understand. Never ever make assumptions that you know what they are thinking or why they have acted in a certain way. Please,Please find out 9 times out of 10 you will be wrong. This lack of understanding drives relationships apart and its not necessary.
All of these relationship tips will start to create the right emotions for your relationship. Emotions drives us every day, both men and women need them although I expect the men will disagree. I sorry but the men will be wrong. Ask your man when he bought his last car how did it make him feel or what did it give him, he might say status or power. All of these then create the emotions that he wants. These might be freedom, adventure or excitement. Understanding these values in the context of your relationship is critical.
These top relationship tips are the ones to apply to your life today that will make a massive difference to both you and your partner. Fifty percent of marriages have ended in divorce. All because they did not understand how critical values are. No ifs, no buts this is fact! These people will probably marry and divorce again!
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