Reconnecting to Your Higher Life Purpose - How Will You Know When You Found Your True Path?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


Nowadays some spiritual teachers and counselors still offer the same advice that when you find your true path, your perfect niche, you'll know it's right for you because it will be "easy." I was given this advice as well and it confused me for some time as I didn't see any of the options before me as easy. Now, years later, I can explain and elaborate on what the "easy" in the former sentence means, and what it doesn't mean.
First of all, it wasn't exactly as I was told. Having gone through it, I didn't find my true path to be easy at all, and these days I'm sure there are many folks who can honestly say that they don't see an easy path before them. However, when you get on your true path and follow through with it in spite of the obstacles, you will receive assistance and feedback from the universe in the form of new insights, favorable synchronicities, more flow in life, signs, amazing results, and more universal cooperation. Your heart will recognize that you're being supported by a higher power. And you'll notice that when you follow through on your inner guidance and then happen to benefit in some way as a result of following through, that everyone who is involved also benefits (i.e. it will be a win-win-win situation). In other words, things will be easier when you're on your true path and you're following through on it consistently.
I know the near future is not going to be easy because there are lots of changes we're making in the world and many obstacles will show up in your path that will test you. A new paradigm is emerging, a new way of perceiving life on this planet. Are you aware of it? Are you serious about making real changes, are you examining your most cherished beliefs, the outdated ones you're on the verge of outgrowing, or are you just full of it? Examining your most cherished beliefs and beginning new patterns of behavior is not that easy.
Every time you get past one obstacle, a new one is likely to come your way. And if you have the courage to listen to your heart, your inner guidance, and follow through, you might even find yourself in discord with this person or that vested interest.
But when you get past the obstacle you'll be stronger and wiser for it--and this is the point of this Earth Experience. You will appreciate life more as a result. Your heart will be more open than ever because of what you experienced firsthand. You will know yourself fully. You will know who you are and what you're capable of when the going gets tough. And one day you'll look back and say you're grateful for all of it. No kidding. You'll experience appreciation and gratitude on a whole new level. I can say all this without any reservations because it's what I experienced.
I know that some teachers say that this is not at all the case, that we are meant to have it easy, that we are meant to just enjoy the butterflies and the bunnies of life, and that the ego is the demon that messes with your life, but I have to respectfully disagree on all counts. It's the higher self that deliberately planned to experience the challenges for the noble purpose of soul growth. The higher self engineered the various forms of separation, including the most original separation (the supposed "Fall from Grace") in order to grow through challenging firsthand experiences. The Earth Experiment worked because the mind wasn't aware of the divine design. If you were conscious of your higher self's role and plan, it wouldn't have worked. And really, how can you fully enjoy and appreciate the gifts of this life if you haven't experienced the challenges first? I can say that anything worth pursuing is not that easy and it's better to challenge yourself and get through those challenges and triumph in the end than not to experience any challenges at all.
Anyway, your higher self will not deny itself the experience of living through the challenges it chose for itself. Your higher self does not need or want to be saved; it can save itself. You just get behind your higher self and follow through. If you have the courage to follow through, one step at a time you'll be shown the way.

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