Reasons for not to be more humble at work

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Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

To be simple and humble is one of the best habits and behaviours that one can have at work and workplace. But in practical life this attitude of a person may be misunderstood by his co-workers & others. Your truthfulness & humbleness will be given less importance and others will take more privilege. Let us understand that too much humbleness will not be appreciated in the right sense due to the following facts:-
People give different types of meaning to Simplicity & Humbleness.
Showing more humility can often lead to negative experiences.
Most of the people will not understand your sincerity and value.
Even you may not understand your own value.
Many a time the humble person will be honoured even if he is doing a wrong thing.
Humility is a character that we develop in life.
A humble person may be labelled as a simple follower.
Too much simplicity may affect your earning power adversely.
If we analyse the above facts even though, sincerity, humbleness and simplicity is a must in our career, we may understand later that too much simplicity is not much feasible.

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