Raising Spiritual Children: 7 Easy Steps to Teach Your Kids to Live a Happy and Purposeful Life

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


There's no greater wish for parents but to have children who are living happy and purposeful lives. As a parent, you have the responsibility of instilling to them the right values and attitude in order for them to understand how important it is to live happy. There are so many ways for older people to seek happiness, but it is vital for kids as well to learn and appreciate the feeling while they are still young. For all we know, happiness is the epitome of success in the latter part of their lives. But the question is how do you teach your kids to live happy and with purpose? Here are seven easy ways to do that:
1. In order for kids to be happy, they have to see the world around them as not entirely fair. You have to let them understand that there are obstacles, failures, and challenges. While this idea seems to promote pessimism, its actually practical since you are giving them a mindset to love and appreciate whatever positive thing that comes to them.
2. Teach your children to share what they have. The saying that its always better to give than to receive is more than just a virtue. It is a way of expressing that you are living a life with a purpose â€" and that is to help others who are need. Therefore, make your best effort to teach your kids to share.
3. Always remind your kids that judging others is not right. While they may be encountering highly negative people all the time, its not right to judge them since it will only create an ugly feeling inside them.
4. Groom your children to become what they want to be. A lot of parents teach their kids to love something which they don't. That is why they end up having a bleak and uncertain future. Even if they are still young, they already have their own desires for their future. Let them shape their own lives â€" with your guidance of course.
5. Teach your kids to be truthful and honest. Children don't lie that much but whenever they realize that you are tolerating other people to lie in front of them, they will emulate that. Living a life full of lies and dishonesty will definitely bring out failures, disagreements, conflicts, and sadness. Being honest corresponds to being happy.
6. Parents should also instruct their kids to set long term goals. Tell them to dream and build effort to realize that dream. You cannot afford to let your kids become stagnant in life. There are those who grow up without any hope and ambition and you don't want your kids future to be like that.

7. Finally, tell them that happiness needs not to be found. Its actually always there. What should be done instead is find those ways to flourish the feeling of happiness inside them. By the time we are happy, we begin to realize that life is all worth it.

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