Raising Ones Consciousness Inner wellbeing and Health

Dr. Purushothaman
January 21, 2014

There sure is a lot of talk these days about inner peace, mindfulness, find your center, and just breathe into it. As the pace of modern life accelerates, demand for the service of self-care continues to rise. And there are as many teachers, classes, workshops, seminars, and cruises eager to offer their services to show you how to get there. The combination of inner calm and big business is worth looking at. There seems to be a tendency among many organizations to handle the possibility of inner serenity flippantly. Perhaps too many organizations are counting on riding on the momentum of the current trend, or perhaps profit margins in this self-help field are too large and integrity ends up taking a back seat.
To find an establishment that can offer basic, legitimate steps to inner wellbeing, is one thing. To find one that offers these services, long term, with integrity is rare. One such establishment is located in India. Isha Foundation, adjacent to the Velliangiri Foothills, in Tamil Nadu, handles the issue of an individuals inner wellbeing with heartening significance. They are a non-religious, nonprofit, public service organization involved in activities designed to create an inclusive culture as a basis for global peace and development. Their current efforts involve taking inner wellbeing to the masses. They have designed Give Isha as an interactive hub of updates, information, and support.
Give Isha is a unique fundraising community focusing on fundraising online. It is currently raising money and awareness for a featured project that has world wide appeal - the Aadhi Yogi Alayam. This immense 82,000 sq. ft. hall is a sacred space created as an instrument to raise human consciousness. In acknowledgment of a being that has played an absolutely significant role in shaping human consciousness, Aadhi Yogi Alayam is named as a tribute to Shiva, the First Yogi or Aadhi Yogi. Once established in December 2011, the Aadhi Yogi Alayam will offer the possibility for every individual, no matter what their background, to experience at least one drop of inner wellbeing. Its a place where people can go anytime and be initiated into spiritual practices which give people the tools to rejuvenate and optimize all aspects of health, inner growth and success.
Sadhguru, a profound mystic and visionary humanitarian, who has touched millions across the globe with his unique method of planting seeds of spirituality, is the force behind this endeavour. The facility, apart from the vast hall, will also have a spacious kitchen, a dining area, a number of room accommodations, shops displaying traditional Indian handicraft from various parts of the country, two restaurants, and of course showers and toilets to cater to the volume of people making use of this space. Aadhi Yogi Alayam is the first of its kind in an effort to create infrastructure for raising human consciousness. Plans have been made for several of these sacred halls to be available for people worldwide. Yet the initial one is reserved amidst the beautiful forest reserve of the Velliangiri Foothills. Give Isha is fundraising online to support raising infrastructure that will help raise human consciousness.
About the Author
Give Isha is the online fundraising portal of Isha foundation, which working towards raising human consciousness and also utilizing the advantages offered by social networks such as Facebook, twitter to raise funds for the Aadhi Yogi Alayam, anyone can check out the Isha Foundation facebook profile for their works and projects when you offering donation or support.

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