Purpose Of Life

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


Many people are wondering why we come to this earth. There are many purposes for us to be here. One of the most fundamental and important reasons is to come to here to learn lessons. How to learn? The way we learn is by coping with events, dramas, misfortunes and people that make us feel bad. This is unavoidable of life!
Why things go wrong in our lives? Why we have illness, dramas and many other imperfect things. What went wrong and cause these things to happen. We blame ourselves for wrong or inadequate actions or put the blame onto someone or something else. The fact is nothing "went wrong"; those dramas were meant to happen for our spiritual growth. There is nothing "wrong"! Those things we perceived as "wrong" are only triggers to help us to see what we have to learn.
Our life will not be idyllic and we will still have concerns even if we understand how to manifest what we want and apply these principles in our life. Understanding and applying the "law of attraction" will improve our life, there is no question about that. But we will still have challenges in our life because this is the only way we can learn spiritual truths. And that is why we are here. No matter what our purpose is in life, there is still learning to be done.
You have something still to learn if you have illness, unsatisfactory relationships with anyone, you feel any negative emotions such as anger, jealousy or resentment, even just occasionally.
Our own conscious or subconscious thoughts created these conditions. In some cases these conditions are the result of karma, i.e. wrong thoughts and actions in our past lives. The karma cannot be changed in this lifetime in some cases. We have chosen these imperfections at soul level before we incarnated since these conditions can help us to learn about forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, love and acceptance. Our soul often has a desire to repent. This is why, even if that particular person may not be very grateful for our efforts, sometimes we feel a compulsion to help a particular person.
There are some things that are best accepted as they are though we are capable of changing most things in our lives. Before we came to earth in this incarnation, our soul have chosen some events. We will probably bring some other disharmony into our lives if we try very hard to change it. What we need to do instead is to accept the situation in a non judgmental way and learn the lesson from it. In many cases the "problem" will then fade away of its own accord and if it doesn't, then it is a necessary component of our future path in life.
There is really only one problem on Earth no matter what form it manifests. People's hearts need healing. The beautiful moments can heal hearts. How? By transmitting love from one entity to another. Therefore look for and treasure your beautiful moments!

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