Purpose of Life: are You Ready to Stop Throwing Your Life Away as You Finally Realize Your Life Purpose?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 27, 2013


If you're puzzled about the purpose of life, the easiest way to figure out this challenge is to decide it's time for you to seriously plan out your life's true mission.

Living Out Your Life of Purpose: How to Live ON Purpose Instead of Just Going Through the Motions
The number one reason for why most people are living without purpose is because they've never taken time out to think life through. Almost all people are struggling at careers or jobs they "fell in to". Almost all people are living mundane, dreary lives without feeling the satisfaction they should be.

Almost all people are living with a deep feeling of trepidation or fear instead of tasting the true meaning of life to have fun.

That's right, life is indeed supposed to be fun. Unfortunately, you may have learned along the way that you were supposed to be miserable all day long. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let's look at three benefits that come with realizing and living your Life Purpose. Then, we'll take a look at three tips to aid you in beginning this process.

Your Personal Philosophy

The number one blessing to discovering your own purpose of life is that you determine your Personal Philosophy. Your Personal Philosophy comes down to how you judge life. It's the paradigm through which you see the universe you live in.

This is where you write down the values, morals, and principles by which you will live by. There's a magnificent difference in the Life Purpose of a person valuing honesty and integrity as opposed to the person who doesn't mind lying and cheating now and then.

Like so many others, you may very well be living a life today that doesn't line itself up with your Personal Philosophy. Does your job have you performing duties that go against your morals and principles? Have you let a friend, family member, or spouse to steer you in directions that have you setting aside your values?

Getting your Personal Philosophy solidified will allow you to make vital decisions quite easily from the paradigm of principles that you hold dearly.

Your Vision

As your Life Purpose comes clearly into focus, your whole life paradigm changes. Instead of existing in life "by accident" and hoping things work out, you now see clearly how each decision affects you now and in the future.

With your purpose of life mapped out, you no longer settle for anything that violates that purpose and vision. Imagine the difference in your caliber of life when you make choices based on ultimate truth rather than anything else the world may be suggesting you do.

Making a Difference

Since many people in today's society are trapped in "exist mode", they have relinquished all thoughts of "purpose" or living with "intention".

However, when you resolve to finally raise yourself above this and work on yourself in order to experience your Higher Purpose, you'll uncover that your discovery of your true reason for being alive will end up in a life where you make a difference to everyone around you.

Discovering your Life Purpose is magical. It comes with a sense of meaning. It allows you to effect positive change on a world in need of it. It lets you finally stop saying, "someday" and to begin living "now". You help other people "now"… you make a difference "now".

What a joyous way to live life!

Look Within

Now that you've read about three of the many benefits you'll get when you take the time to find your purpose of life, why don't we take a look at three procedures that will help you along this journey.

The first thing you need to understand is that you're not going to find the answers to your Life Purpose by searching outside of yourself. Just the opposite, this is when you must begin finding quiet time where you can focus within for the answers to your personal purpose of life.

This is a spiritual growth path as well as a personal growth process. You're working on discovering about your inner self and the lessons this higher self can educate you about. You may want to invest time in learning about the many meditation methods in order to help you focus within.

Focus on Your Inner Child

Looking back at your childhood is an important aspect to getting to the purpose of life. There was a magical time at some point in your childhood when you saw life as magical, special, joyous, and amazing. This view of life had nothing to do with achievement or validation from others.

There was a time when you were filled with joy and wonder just for being alive. You want to get yourself back in touch with this place!

You can start this process by returning to everything you enjoyed as a child. Think through your interests, the games you loved to play, the hobbies you participated in, etc. Start thinking about everything that makes you joyous simply "because" and you're getting closer to your personal purpose of life.

Write it Down

Something happens when you write down your thoughts. It becomes more real to you. It has a much larger effect on your mind than when you only think about it. Therefore, be sure to write down your innermost thoughts and feelings as you begin to focus on discovering your Life Purpose.

You've learned three blessings of realizing the purpose of life and three tactics you can begin working toward your personal Life Purpose. While there are ultimately dozens of steps necessary to work on in this process, these three should help you get started.

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