Purpose Inspires Leadership Influence

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


Strength and Humility
"The lion is king because of one simple word; Attitude!" - Myles Munroe
When you see yourself as a leader, you become a leader. This statement may sound overly simplified but as any true leader has discovered, there is a great deal of growth and development before one may see themselves as a true leader! As leadership is birthed, developed and exercised, the growing leader will experience the confidence of a lion to lead others with strength and humility.
Leadership is Crucial
"Everything rises and falls on leadership." - John C. Maxwell
It is crucial for true leaders to rise up and lead. The saying is true that all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. When true leaders influence the world, it becomes a better place. This idea is better understood by discovering the nature of a true leader.
True Leadership
A true leader has discovered their reason for existing on this planet. Innate influence causes a person to lead others when they discover their purpose. This births the leadership attitude which causes others to follow their lead!

"Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less!" - John C. Maxwell
Purpose and Leadership

"What changes a follower into a leader is a change in attitude." - Myles Munroe
Nothing changes a person's attitude more than finding their true purpose.
A person who discovers their purpose becomes a contagious leader. Purpose becomes the driving force, leading to greater inspiration for leadership. Inspiration is the most pure form of influence found in a leader's repertoire for leading others!

"Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration, generated by a passion, motivated by a vision, birthed from a conviction, produced by a purpose." - Myles Munroe

The following steps are derived from Myles Munroe's definition of leadership.

To increase your leadership you must turn Myles Munroe's definition upside-down:

1. Discover your purpose
 Your purpose is your reason for being on the planet. It is your assigned destiny! We all posses talents, desires, personalities, etc. that cause us to excel in a particular field or endeavor. This is a signpost to our purpose. We are all born to fill a profound purpose!
2. Grow your conviction
Believing in your purpose is essential for following a path to your destiny. Each human has an obligation to humanity to add value to this planet before they die. We all have brilliance stored within waiting to be discovered. Conviction needs to fulfill purpose!
3. Receive your vision
Our life's vision is a picture of how this world will be a better place because we have impacted it during and after our lifetime. Dreams and desires lead to a sense of our purpose in pictures. As we see our unique purpose it can become a lived out reality!
4. Passion is produced
A life vision infuses us with a passion to energize our efforts and enthuse others to follow our goals. Â Passion is revealed in a life that has discovered something to die for. A significant cause, related to potential breeds passion within us and those we lead!
5. Inspire others
When people view living passion their desire to live for more is awakened. This causes followers to move towards the one with an intense passion. When individuals experience your commitment they galvanize as teams under the life vision you live and express.
6. Influence others
Influence speaks to the core desires of humanity. Â Significance, truth and acceptance are three core desires of humanity. When a person finds their purpose, others are attracted to the energy lived in a dream. Without influence, a leader must resort to manipulation.

Press into Purpose
Leadership is increased as we discover and press into our purpose for living. A business leader discovers their "gift" and learns to serve it to the world through the platform of a business (or group of businesses). A ministry leader discovers their "gift" and learns to serve it to the world through the platform of a ministry (or group of ministries). Politicians, educators, etc. are similar.

What is your greatest gift?

Your gift may not have fully emerged but you will have desires in a general direction. As we refine our desires and gifts to sharpen our focus upon our true purpose, we discover a clearer picture of our leadership purpose in life.Â
Your leadership is a key to your prominence on this planet!

Every person has a key to influencing the world. I believe the old saying is true, "Everyone has 5 minutes of fame!" Some have lifetime influence as they discover their purpose and serve it!

Purpose Activity
List 3 of your favorite things to do. Design a business or ministry plan around one of these. As you embrace the planning stages for this new venture you will begin to tap into your purpose.
By designing a number of ventures you will breathe life into your purpose. Find the venture that promises the highest return of significance (in your perception). This is a part of your purpose. Actively pursue this venture and you will begin to really lead!

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