Purpose Driven Life

Dr. Purushothaman
November 27, 2013


When you are living your life with purpose and directing your life with a purpose you are in control of your life rather than living a life that is controlling you and the events around you which is just an accident waiting to happen often with disastrous results.
A purpose driven life gives you a life with intention and direction and everyday that goes by you learn who you are, the meaning of life for yourself and what is truly important for yourself and your family.
Your decision making becomes easier and you see no boundaries. Your values are clear and overall you are in a happy state because a life that is purpose driven answers the questions of what is the meaning of life for you.
For many however they do not wish to lead a life on purpose and no matter the reasons it all comes down to leaving their comfort zone. However here are a few excuses people have for not being purpose driven.
A. Being accountable. When you live your life on purpose you raise your accountability level for others to see and to expect out of you and you must now be consistent with your accountability.
B. Integrity. Once you have raised your accountability level your integrity level will also raise automatically. You will find yourself having to be honest and straight with people and admit mistakes on your part when they happen and they will because no one is perfect but there can be no passing the buck so to speak.
C. As you lead your purpose driven life you start to attract people to you. Your attraction factor raises and you become a magnet to others that wish to lead a life that you are now living. They want to learn the meaning of life that you have learned so they too can have a life like yours.
D. Responsibility. Living a purpose driven life means have a disciplined life because it's going to take discipline on your part to maintain this new lifestyle that you have now created for yourself.
Many people do not wish to have all this responsibility and accountability. They wish to stay on the sidelines and watch and let their lives lead them rather than they lead their lives.
They shun responsibility because they are afraid they can not handle it. They want to live on easy street with not having to answer to anyone about anything but for this "easy street" they live unfulfilled lives when it is all said and done and usually with regret in their later years.
The irony of this is that these are the same people that say this wish they could have meaning in their lives and have a life that is purpose driven but when they are shown the way to have this they do nothing about it.
Discovering your purpose will not happen overnight but it will happen. You may not recognize the changes at first, kind of like watching grass grow. At first it looks like nothing is happening but before long you take another look at the grass and say "hey its time to mow the grass it's getting too high".
When you finally make the decision to live a purpose driven life and seek out your meaning of life and start taking action you will soon find yourself unlocking doors that will lead to the treasure you are seeking for your purpose driven life.

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